Project "Appreciation and Support for Kalafina" (non-Yuki)



@grunty You should be ashamed to pull out from context a phrase and state, that it is a "purpose" of our project. This way to badmouth a project, which has nothing of what you in words accused it. I can't blame you, if that how you see things. But at least, try to be a human and stop this aggression.


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Showing love and support for their future paths is the intent of that project, nothing on a forcing or a blaming line.
What it will be, it will, but there's nothing bad, I think, sending them, in an organized manner, a deep "thank" for these wonderful and unique 10 years!
I saw only this when I read Sarah's post on Tumblr.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
@grunty You should be ashamed to pull out from context a phrase and state, that it is a "purpose" of our project. This way to badmouth a project, which has nothing of what you in words accused it. I can't blame you, if that how you see things. But at least, try to be a human and stop this aggression.
You should feel ashamed for assuming what you are assuming in regards to these 3 ladies. Yet here we still are.

I merely quoted what was said and what you failed and/or refused to provide satisfactory information on(about?) when asked. I do think I used it in context - it was listed as one of your "conditions of participation". CONDITIONS for participating in your glorious media event.
And our proposition / conditions of participation looks like this (...) Will you join us?
And yes, you're trying to make it a media event because (and I quote once again):
Our main goals are:
  • (...)
  • Make sure, that mass media will see it too and (with some luck) write about it.
WIll you say I used this out of context too? When it's literally listed as one of your MAIN GOALS?

Frankly, I think you should be thankful for everyone bumping your thread so more people can see it and make up their own minds about this. I can only hope that most think this is a load of dung, as I do.

As for badmouthing... well, again, you came here with it. I didn't go outside the forum to talk about it.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
THAT’S ALL WE ASK :comeback:
I no longer do. Questions got deflected so many times already. There's nothing to explain apparently and well, they probably don't have any sensible explanation for what bothers us about this whole event.

Even in that "final plan" (which doesn't explicitly mention media) they are tagging the editor of SPICE for no obvious reason but to get an article on SPICE or some shit.

Update! Final version of the plan.
Message tags:
  • @Hikaru_0702_
  • @kaxtupe
  • #マイヤイヤ

Edit: deflected, not reflected.

Minna-san! How are you all doing?
Today we have a very important and serious topic to discuss.

As you may already know, we (Kalafina fans) come up with a special idea how all of us (gaijins) can say "Thank you!" to Kalafina and "Ganbatte!" to Hikaru, Keiko and Wakana in an organized and united way.

Hikaru treat us (overseas fans) like equal with Japanese. You don't see very often, how "stars" dub their messages in several languages. So it's additional reason to make our "Appreciation and Support" plan.

And so! Our main goals are:
  • Show our (gaijins) appreciation to "Kalafina";
  • Show Hikaru, Wakana and Keiko that they have our full support;
  • Make sure, that Kalafina girls would see our messages;
  • Make sure, that mass media will see it too and (with some luck) write about it.

And our proposition / conditions of participation looks like this:
  • 25th of December is a special day in Japan, so it will be the day of our action;
  • Messages will be send through Twitter, so everyone who would like to participate should create their own twitter account;
  • Messages will be addressed to Kalafina. We believe, that Hikaru won't be sad about it, as she is a big irreplaceable part of it;
  • Message should contain words of gratitude / appreciation / support. We thank them for 10 years of Kalafina and showing our support in their future personal desicions;
  • Messages should contain tags: Hikaru's ( @Hikaru_0702_ ) + Takeshi Kato's ( @kaxtupe - editor at SPICE);
  • Messages should contain common hashtag: #マイヤイヤ (maiyaiya in kana);
  • Messages should contain your own personal photo:
    • You can hide your face;
    • There should be something, that reminds of Kalafina. It will add emotional weight to the message and help with attracting attention from mass media;
    • You can use a text board on photo to add extra text to your message;
    • You can use a text board to write message in your native language;
    • Photo should be creative, it should be interesting to Kalafina girls;
    • You can add up to 4 photos (at least one with you);
  • Message is restricted by 280 symbols (including spaces and tags);
  • Message is restricted to English only! You may know Japanese, but for Kalafina it will be hard to understand who you are... a Japanese or a gaijin;
  • Message (text) should contain the place you are from (Country, city or both if you will have extra space);
  • We all will continue to discuss our plan till 11th of December;
  • We will start our preparation from 11th till 24th of December;
  • We will conduct our plan on 25th of December at 7 a.m. by Japanese Standard Time.

Important notes!!!
  • In message we don't demand anything from girls;
  • In message we don't ask them to return to Kalafina;
  • In message we don't ask them to return to Yuki;
  • It's "Appreciation and Support" plan for Kalafina girls only (who are struggling right now) and not for Yuki Kajiura or musician, or Kalafina stuff or... well, you get it;
  • If your Twitter account is in "Private" mode, girls won't be able to see your message;
  • Be sure to stick to the above rules and keep the notes in mind. That way we will achieve "WOW" effect;

Some explanation:
  • 25th of December is very emotional day for Japanese girls. Around this time of a year they reflect on the past and think about goals for the next year. That's why we chose Christmas;
  • We want them to feel our love for everything they did TILL THIS POINT (10+ years) (appreciation part);
  • We want them to feel our support of any decision that girls will come up with IN THE FUTURE (support part);
  • For that reason, we are sending messages to Hikaru ( @Hikaru_0702_ );
  • We want to attract attention from mass media, for that reason we add Takeshi Kato ( @kaxtupe - SPICE guy) to receivers;
  • For Keiko, Wakana and mass media to be able to see all of ours messages, we are adding a common hashtag ( #マイヤイヤ ) of our plan;
  • The more people will take part in it, the more effect will it give;

Till 11th of December we all together will polish our plan.

Will you join us?
Update! Final version of the plan.

Main moments:
  • We are beginning on 25th of December at 7 a.m. by Japanese Standard Time.
  • Try to send your message before 12 a.m.;
  • End of the event the same day at 23:59;
  • We are sending messages through Twitter;
  • Message tags:
    • @Hikaru_0702_
    • @kaxtupe
    • #マイヤイヤ
  • Message should contain:
    • Words of gratitude/appreciation for everything Kalafina done or/and
    • Words of support girls and their personal choice of path.
  • Message is restricted by 280 symbols (including spaces and tags);
  • Messages should contain Photo / GIF / Video with you personally on it:
    • You can hide your face;
    • There should be something, that reminds of Kalafina;
    • You can attach up to 4 photos to your message. At least one should be with you on it;
    • You can use photos to extend your message, but keep in mind that girls may not be able to translate your message from it.
  • Message (text) should contain the place you are from (country or/and city);
  • Main text should be only in English! But something like "Thank you" and "Merry Christmas" may be in any language.

  • Only sticking to the main theme rules will give us desirable effect;
  • Gap between messages sent should be as small as possible. It's okay to send your message at 23:59, but there will be very small effect from it;
  • If your Twitter account is in "Private" mode, girls won't be able to see your message;
  • Please, don't make the message about your own frustration, sadness and desire;
  • Please, don't demand anything from the girls or SPICE guy.
Putschki have created a twitter account (@MODmaiyaiya) in order to better moderate our project. Feel free to temporary follow that account. She will be posting reminders and possibly a countdown. If you want to ask question, you can send a DM to @MODmaiyaiya. On Dec 25 we will frequently check the tag to see if everyone is sticking to the rules. Better, than nothing.

We are hoping for your understanding and project support!!! m(_ _)m

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I adore Yuki
You understood everything not the way it was meant. Yes, you see things differently. Nothing we can do about it. It's not project fault. It's just difference in worldview. I already wrote about this too. I hope you understand, what I mean.
Then explain me please what is it that you are trying to do with this project, what is your goal by doing all of this? Apart from that, don't get us wrong, we just think differently from your point of view, no one is trying to 'badmouth' you project


I have seen people speak of their 'love' and affection for Kalafina and Kajiura, but how can you say this honestly about somebody who you are at best an ardent fan of. DO you want to step over the boundary of 'loving fan' to 'fan that needs love, dependent on and projecting your own feelings of inadequacy onto the artist'? Since we are in the media age, and logic is useless on the internet, you should try and imprint the film Perfect Blue into your psyche.

Your attempts at creating a makeshift 'fan squad' to pressure some singers is the kind of attention that will reflect badly on foreign fans, since in Japan this is already the worst type of fan for whom bullying the artist and stalking them are the norm not the exception, and this is well known. These people have probably been death threat'ed thousands of times already and must mask their information to hide from the 'fans' demanding more 'mai-yai-ya' as you so innocently claim. You want some 30-something girls to lose their identity to a pop culture phenomenon which has come and gone.

I only read about 2 sentence of your description plan and that is enough for me. There isn't enough CBD oil or caffeine available for me to get through the rest. I'm not badmouthing all of what Putschki has done up until now, but I think this begins crossing the line starting now. Even I began to feel uneasy see her following in Keiko's footsteps and getting her drinks and nail polish like some overly attached individual living vicariously through their idol. Maybe its time to relax and take a vacation from this because the depressive crash coming from their disbanding is of your own making.

Don't be this guy:
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I used to follow her on tumblr because she posted and translated news about Kalafina and back then she used to "just" post the Kalagirls' outfits brand. But then she started to buy the same things as the girls (can't really blame her on this, some of the dresses are good) but the amount of the dresses she bought kept increasing and like what @VyseLegendaire said, she bought nearly everything related to Keiko down to her hair conditioner and I began to feel weirded out about it. Anyway I'm pretty sure that what's we're talking about here will make their way to tumblr but yeah +1 to all Vyse said.


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Okey, this is getting preety intense right now. I agree to everything @VyseLegendaire said. But lets stop with this discussionsince we are not getting any proper response. So, I'm sure most here will agree with me, do whatever you want with your project, just don't get us in the middle, I wouldn't like to be associated with your 'getting mass media attention project'. Apart from that, I hope you have fun with that!


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Following @VyseLegendaire's advice I started attending the therapy sessions, dissasembled my Kalafina shrine and became a new man. Thank you very much for your consideration and support. Let's hope these dangerous, insolent Kalafina-tards are gonna face punishment for their boldness and overstepping the boundaries one shouldn't ever overstep.

You all would like to hear sth like that, ain't you?

my opinion is the same as Grunty, Atlas Star and most of the forum
It would be a little bit different if this forum wasn't almost dead. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of our favourite toxic team quite a lot of members decided to permanently quit. But, as it is now, you are right, technically you could say "most".

Seriously it surprises me how much of a backstory and hidden motives behind this "project" or whatever it is you managed to find. Personally I bet most of the participants would be completely shocked to realize they take part in such a ominous, evil initiative.

To be perfectly honest, I do think you are right about a lot of things regarding the idea. Trying desperately to get media attention might be unneeded. The entire project might be too pushy. But, while maybe faulty in design, the idea itself has pure intentions driven mostly by positive emotions, so considering it a "pity" project that "demands" anything from anyone is really a sign of ill will.

But ill will is what drives you people, am i right? Sometimes I wonder why you keep acting this way. While ago, when I joined, i thought this community might be fun. Now, after a year I rarely even bother typing. What's the point if the only think you can receive here are mischevious comments and badmouthing? Just like now, you've found more fuel, and are gonna feast on "Putschki's zealous dedication", right? And talk shit about her based on the content of her super kawaii blogposts? So let me ask, how many of you know her in person? Because I do, even if only met her once, but this is enough for me to say your implications are despicable. But more despicible are your pathetic attempts to boost your ego, by drawing this thick line between you - the "always right" good guys, and others - whom you consider trash and loosers that cannot deal with depression after their favourite vocal unit disbanded.

Your arrogance never ceases to amaze me.

Atlas Star

Sailor Yuki
@Sania Your only issue with this forum is that we keep things real and we call a spade a spade. That’s just how it is. Clearly the objective perspective CPMe gives in its discussions about Kalafina and Yuki Kajiura’s music is too much for you to handle, since it’s not all praise and sugar coated with fairy dust like it is in Tumblrland.

It’s a FORUM, not a blinded fan club. There’s a major difference. A forum is where people congregate to discuss different opinions and points of view. So-called “toxicity” can arise when there are conflicting points of view, but that’s what happens when a debate gets heated. If you can’t handle that, that’s perfectly fine! And that’s what fandoms are for. Not forums.

And yes, a lot of participants will be SHOCKED to hear our thoughts about the project. What’s your point? They’re clearly not seeing it from an objective standpoint and are unwilling to take a step back to assess what kind of “other” messages this project may be bringing upon. What is the harm in reading about a negative perspective of the project? How is this “bad-mouthing”?

Objective criticism isn’t a BAD THING. We have been pretty objective with our criticism of the project and have been waiting for a rebuttal for the longest time. If you’re not here to provide a proper response on behalf of the magical creatures at Tumblrland, then you’re just adding to this “fire” that your team is so adamantly trying to put out.

Honestly it’s getting tiring seeing posts from Tumblrfolk claiming that it’s way too toxic here at CPMe. The clear dynamic difference is that we are a forum with many different perspectives on YK and kalafina’s music, whereas fandoms limitlessly praise the good and banish the flaws.


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@Sania If you’re not here to provide a proper response on behalf of the magical creatures at Tumblrland, then you’re just adding to this “fire” that your team is so adamantly trying to put out.
I'm not here to provide response on behalf of Tumblrland because I'm and individual human being to begin with, not a member of any team, as far as I know. I'm trying to stress out that if I, alongside plenty of other people, haven't noticed the “other” messages this project may be bringing upon" until you started pointing them out, why do you assume Hikaru, or Wakana, or Keiko will notice them? You can then use the same arguments to say it was improper to send them letters, even though, at least Hikaru said she was happy to had received them. I'd say it's all up to a personal judgement. So maybe you should start thinking that your opinion might be subjective.

Once this thing's set in motion we'll eventually see the results. That's all.

Atlas Star

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@Sania Actually the objection I was mentioning was the observation that everything listed as a “reason” for the project was based purely off speculation, since it was stated that the girls were “suffering” or something (I’m just paraphrasing but please reference my previous post for proper quote).

What opinion do I have about the project? I think based on the reasons listed, it seemed as if the aim is ultimately towards pitying three singers who seem distraught and broken after disbandment. You’re right! It is subjective! But I’ve listed objective findings as to how I came to this subjective conclusion.

It is EXTREME to say that the three Kalafina singers will see this as a pity project. I’m not SAYING THEY WILL ABSOLUTELY see it that way. I’m just offering a perspective, along with several other members here, and wanted to see what uaDude has to say in response to such an accusation. Simple as that!


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@FictionJunction Kalafina that, and 90% of them never made it past their introductory post. For some even that was clearly too much. I mean, look at @Tolmeros in this thread, starting off with a banger first post 4 years into registration. Maybe it's an alt account, we'll never know...

FictionJunction Kalafina

My reason for not being so supportive of this project is because I feel like you're putting focus on the wrong thing.

I mean, we should be putting focus on the new chapter of their journey.

It was always Wakana's original dream to become an opera singer. I guess that is what she's doing at the moment. And we should support the path she has chosen and motive her to continue.

Hikaru also wanted to do solo on the side. I hope she does in the near future, if that's what she's still yearns for.

On Keiko's side, she's gave us a hint just after leaving Space Craft that she'll continue singing. I hope so myself.

Yuki herself moved on. I'm happy that she did. She's doing great progress. I love the fact that she's collaborating with other artists. It was always my dream to she her collaborate with a composer, and it's happening. And it gives me(us) hope that her OST will be better than the last few years.

So, I am just wondering, why can't we focus on that. On encouraging the Kalafina singers and Yuki on their new journey.

It makes more sense to me


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I think the forum might be dead due to the fact that 70% of fans that flooded the forum just cared about the Kalafina singers or at least YK's Kalafina project and not Yuki Kajiura's musical journey overall...just my opinion
Sad, but true. Kalafina threads were more active than soundtrack threads.

It was always Wakana's original dream to become an opera singer. I guess that is what she's doing at the moment. And we should support the path she has chosen and motive her to continue.
I think she's still doing pop. After years of her not having proper technique, I can't imagine her singing opera, hue.