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Post your photo here :knife:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
^I know! She's a little princess, and she's getting baptized tomorrow. She's going to be in a white gown and look adorable. I love showing her off to my cpm family. heh
whuaaa kawaaaiiiiii :waii:
Lia-chan is soooo cute, Liana-san!:shy:
and Daphne-san is cute too.... :shy:

:desksweat:makes me feel i'm not cute at all ._. last January's sickness made me lost 3 kgs, i'm planning to get more weight but it goes to my belly, not my cheeks....


I have reached Yuki nirvana
^lol Lia and Liana... did not realize the names were so close until you wrote them together. lol Her name is Liadan actually, her full name. I am sure you are cute... if I was a guy saying that. heh I have the same problem in thinking I am not cute... since all I get are the creepy guys or older guys. :spotlight:
Liana-san, don't worry! Daphne-san said that everyone here is cute! (*'o')9
(and I think it is normal if girls get older guys? it is just normal in my country ._.")

and... since i have new photo of me, let me post mine too XD


it was when i take photos for YK project. i cut my bangs way tooo short, and i was like "should i cancel this to next week" or something like that, but fortunately I didn't cancel it XD (i got a traffic accident a few days after it XD)
... and that's not my motorcycle, lol XD


Roses at her doorstep
Here I am if anyone is interested, though I'm now growing out my fringe, so it's on the side . To have a fringe or to not have a fringe? That is the question.... *continues monologue* ^_^v

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HA! I live in her CLOSET!
You know, I never checked this thread before JE. If I had I would've been able to recognize Daphné at the Friday event and introduce myself :comeback:.

I also realise I haven't posted on this thread at all. Relatively (I don't get many photos taken) new pic of me, although I've shaved since :ayashii:. Was a while ago when waiting for the Olympic torch to pass through in typical British weather :rain:.



I have reached Yuki nirvana
Peachpitt: I love the necklace and you look sooo much like my friend Nico it's scary. She has redder hair than you, but basically you could be twins! I've been told I have a twin before, it was back when I was still going to Parkside (a college in my city) and they thought I went to their class. lol

Seasonreaper: I don't get many pics taken either, though I've recently because I visit my niece every other week, and like getting my pic taken with her, maybe. So here is a more recent one of me and her. Her name is Liadan and is my sister's daughter.


My hair is much longer in the back now. I need to get it cut again. I like this one where I'm looking down at her since she is smiling. She also has more hair. :P