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Live Events section

apache what ? :confu:

all pics are still into the server so maybe the folder permissions somehow changed.

I am not going to delete and upload again untill Sudrien replies on the other thread
Im sure that it hasnt, since after the single release the group stopped acctivity, and its only the recent years that YK and Chiaki started performing/covering their See-Saw songs again

I hope that performance gets recorded. I'm also diying to listen to Seijaku wa Headphone no Naka live :love:

If the logs are correct, their last live as See-Saw was in 2003 http://canta-per-me.net/live-events/2003-2004/
^ Sorry, the live events list includes See-Saw, the set lists are only from YK Live vol. #1 onwards.

I don't have access to a scanner but could check things manually or photocopy the pages for someone else to check.
Could we include both the event logo and the Kalafina / YK logos as appropriate? FJC logo for FictionJunction Club member only events as well...
^ We dont add performances of other artists in non-kajiura/Kalafina events or we would have to add thousands of more setlists just for 2-3 songs on each.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Setlist for Kalafina Live Tour Consolation House Ver @ Niigata Lots 2013/07/28 (canta-per-me.net/live-events/2013-consolation-tour-house-10)

01. oblivious
02. consolation


03. moonfesta
04. Door
05. magnolia
06. Magia


07. Kiichigo no Shigemi ni
08. Hanataba
09. storia


10. Te to Te to Me to Me
11. fantasia
12. Kyrie
13. signal
14. obbligato
15. Ongaku


16. Hikarifuru
17. Manten
18. to the beginning


19. Yume no Daichi


EN01. sprinter


EN02. Mirai