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Latest Obsession?


7 billion humans. She must know I exist
Supernatural (the show)
… idk why i never watched it but i can't stop now


I have reached Yuki nirvana
currently i'm obsessed with White Collar.

the show has ended so long time ago but i just got into it recently and imo it's really good


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
^I almost always prefer to watch a show after it's ended. I just don't have the patience to check in week after week.

For myself, I've been watching this show called Fleabag on Amazon. It's a really fun black comedy.


7 billion humans. She must know I exist
Obsessed with drawing human poses/anatomy
I really can't take this bad feeling from my head that I am not able to draw from memory ;;


I adore Yuki
I feel that I don't play Horror games very often. But I've felt the urge for some true psychological horror in the form of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and I Can't Escape: Darkness.

I'm not someone who is afraid of the dark, and even use it as my "element" along with Water/Ice. But the way these games work is that they do make you afraid. They make you feel powerless and need to struggle to survive against something you can't touch or defend against without light. It may have to do with how atmospheric they are as well. They really immerse you, and when you play with only the lamp on making for little light in the room, alone with your headphones. And configure the in-game settings so that it looks dark to you. It immerses you very well which is the best way to play the games.

Problem with Amnesia however is that the scary events & enemies are scripted. So after experiencing them once, it isn't as scary when you replay the game and learn the mechanics behind how the game's event triggers are setup. It's scary the 1st time around, but will be very hard to capture the same feeling on future playthroughs. It's still a very intense and fun experience despite this.

Spirica Rose

Fluent in Kajiurago
Pokemon. I had never played any of the games before, but within the past two months I finished the main stories of Y and Moon all because I watched an LP.


Final Fantasy 7.
Now more than ever I wish I had a PS4 so I could play that remake when it comes out. I'm super excited for it.


Roses at her doorstep
I'm into the Fire Emblem hell again help :comeback::comeback:
I tough it had finished but then the new games were announced and I just asldkjflsdfjlkasdf :vortex::vortex:


Reddit. NoSleep, AskReddit, ELI5, LPT, TIFU... oh wow. Plenty of posts to read.

Did I mention they also have a Kalafina subreddit (with only 252 members though and it kinda moves slowly)?


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
I got the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 collection, and it's been eating all my free time. The story is a kind of crazy though.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Tsuioku... and also Tsuioku. Ever since I saw the Arena live I've had it in my head, and I love it. lol Also Kalafina/Yuki and co. are my obsession. :dote:


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I got the Wii U version last night, and started playing around 7. Before I knew it it was 12:30 and I was only at the first town after the tutorial section:XD:

(And I wasn't just stalling either; most of the time I was playing story sections)

The music really fits too. Though much of the game has little music (aside from some light piano pieces that play every once in a while), it actually makes it more immersive :plz:


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
NieR: Automata. The original NieR was one of my loves and this has the potential to top it in every way. It's so amazing.