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Latest Obsession?


I adore Yuki
After getting the Manga for Episode 5 of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni which finally goes into the "Answer Arcs" past where the Anime ended. I'm obsessed with Umineko again.

I can't get enough of the brutal chess game between Battler and Beatrice. And owning the VN through Steam as a gift from one of my close friends only increases that addiction in trying to understand more behind the Witch's Illusion than what the Anime can give.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Shinhwa. God they've been around since 1998 and my friend has told me to listen to their songs since 2013 but i hadn't done it until recently. Now i'm deeply obsessed.


Goddamn K-Dramas.
I was really into them years ago, way back in middle school (I stayed up until 6 am on a school day one night finishing City Hunter and I literally had only got like 20 minutes of sleep before I had to go to school xD) but a couple weeks ago I just randomly decided to re watch City Hunter and that just sent me on a downwards spiral of just watching drama after drama after drama nonstop super obsessively.
In the span of maybe two weeks, I've already gone through 7 shows, each one being 20 episodes with each episode being an hour long. :XD:
I need help...:imdead:

Though for real, even if none of you here like K-Dramas (which I'm guessing not many do), I urge everyone to check out City Hunter. Based off an old manga, it's definetely the best drama I've seen so far, and I'd argue one of the best pieces of media I've seen as well. Don't want to gush too much, but everything, from the story, characters, relationships, and ideology conflicts in it just works so well and I highly recommend it. :goodjob::goodjob:

In 1983, the South Korean president and his delegates are visiting Burma when a bomb planted by North Korean agents explodes, killing some high-ranking officials. This historical event is called the Rangoon bombing (also known as the Rangoon incident). To strike back, five South Korean officials plan a covert operation, codenamed "Operation Cleansweep," to enter North Korea and kill several top members of the North's high command. Lee Jin-pyo and Park Moo-yul, two Presidential Security Servicebodyguards and best friends who were present at the bombing, organize a 21-man team for the mission. However, as the team wreaks havoc in Pyongyang, the five officials abort the plan to avoid an international crisis if the mission is discovered. Their major concern is that the United States will withdraw its nuclear protection if the mission is made public, in light of Seoul's official declaration that it will not retaliate.

The operation is successful, but as the troops swim out from Nampo to an ROK Navy submarine assigned for their extraction, snipers aboard the submarine open fire on them. An already injured Park sacrifices his life to save Lee. Lee swims back to shore and returns to South Korea, where he finds out that the assault team's service and personal records have been erased.

Promising to avenge his fallen comrades, Jin-pyo kidnaps Moo-yul's infant son, and names him Lee Yoon-sung. He flees to the Golden Triangle to raise the child as his own and trains the boy intensively in combat. Following an attack on a village they are living in, Jin-pyo confesses his long-term plan for revenge to a teenaged Yoon-sung.

Seven years later, after successfully finishing his education and attaining a doctorate in the United States at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yoon-sung returns to South Korea to fulfill his adoptive father's plan for revenge. He enters the Blue House as an IT expert under the National Communication Network Team. He is warned by Jin-pyo not to trust anyone and never fall in love, as doing so will put the people around him in danger.

While working at the Blue House, Lee meets bodyguard Kim Na-na. Eventually Na-na participates in his revenge plan, as they discover that they have the same goal in mind. Problems occur as Jin-pyo's revenge plot unfolds, especially when Lee defies his surrogate father at several occasions as they try to identify and kill the officials, known as the "Council of Five."

Each member of the Council have achieved significant wealth and political influence since 1983, and are engaged in various levels of corruption. Jin-pyo and Yoon-sung's conflict stems primarily from Jin-pyo's wish to murder each official, and Yoon-sung's wish to teach them a lesson and expose their corruption without killing them. As Yoon-sung exposes the officials' corruption, the citizens of Korea sense an unseen force of justice that they dub "City Hunter."

Corpse Princess

Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
Lately and I have been obsessed with is League of Legends and Food wars! I am actually super excited about season 3 and just fangirling so bad about it! other then that i have started some other anime but for some reason this one is just so exciting.

Oh! and grey anatomy..I am still waiting for the newest episode that will be up next month I am still screaming internally after the biggest cliff hanger ever!


Run for money.

Its a Japanese show where they get stars, athletes, and other prominent Japanese to escape from ''hunters'' and play games called missions throughout the show. The person who survives till the end gets a good sum of money at the end.

At first I wondered why Kalafina or other Yuki artists never joined, then later thought- I don't think they can outrun the hunters, tbf.


Just binged my way through a couple of Korean dramas.

City hunter, 49 days, tunnel, signal....

My favourite has to be Signal. Dark, riveting and gripping. I want my season 2... :TdT::TdT:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
lol Lindsey, saw her name as I am listening to her new song. hehe

Latest obsession: My cat, Yuki
She is a calico, of 2 years. I adopted her in May (day before my birthday she came home, and has stolen our hearts ever since. She was a stray, but they don't know for how long. She is playful, needed attention, no so much anymore. heh She loves chasing round crinkled objects through this tunnel. She is my emotional support animal even if she isn't registered.: