her new ones are as fantastic as well. Kokia 4life :ohoho:

New Day, New Life - Tales of Innocence R Op Theme
Gathering Light "Hikari wo Atsumete" - .hack//The Movie
Kokia *o*

I like very much ~

I need to download more songs!
i like hikari wo atsumete....

but her chouwa oto still be my fav :dote:
Did KOKIA really sing Lost Home and the Rainbow Main Theme? I just recently found them and they... don't really sound like her at all.
IIRC, Rainbow Main Theme was done before she started her own music career as she is still using Akiko Yoshida (her debut single was in 1998). It normal that her voice changed a bit over 14 years.

Tho Rainbow Main does have some resemblance of her voice (see some of her current songs when she uses her operatic voice)

Fetucine said:
Did KOKIA really sing Lost Home and the Rainbow Main Theme? I just recently found them and they... don't really sound like her at all.

Yes she did, its comfirmed by the Works for Sountracks booklet some twits of Yuki and an interview of her (or was it liner notes)
KOKIA :shy: my favourite singer, even more than Fiction junction/Yuuka and Kalafina... thinking a movie,anime,game or whatever with Kajiura's OST, Kalafina ending, Fiction Junction opening and KOKIA singing an insert song will sure make me: :nosebleed: :nosebleed: :nosebleed: :nosebleed:

First song I listened was Follow the nightingale from ToI opening/trailer it was love. period
Yume ga chikara; Say goodbye, good day; New day, new life; 0 kara no hajimari; Hikari no naka ni; Exec cosmoflips, Karma, Hikari wo atsumete are my favourite among others, I really love almost them all

She has an angelic voice.
I fall in love with her when I listened Fate (from Broken Blade). And I surprised that the song was composed by herself. Then I started to collect her songs. I even didn't realize KOKIA's playcount already beat FictionJunction & Kajiura Yuki's playcount at my lastfm...


Btw, my favorite songs from her are Fate, Womoi, Honto no Oto, Otani no Ookami, Ano hi no Watashi ni, Time to Say Goodbye, Daiji na Mono wa Mabuta no Ura, I Believe ~ Umi no Soko Kara~, Hikari wo Sagashite, New Day New Life, Todokimasu You ni, Kodoku na Ikimono, etc.

I love how she sing. She really sing from her heart. She even sing better in live rather than studio (which already amazing).
From 5th Season Concert


Aaaa~ Her voice is so amazing....

Yea I love it in a way that it changed so much from CD version and still just as pleasant. Her presentation and expression is even better here.

If Yuki can do that in FJ concerts that would be :dote:

I wonder how she did in the very recent live concert?
^ I wonder the same thing too

btw,~ I like this song from her 5th season concert~

^I agree with you, tsuki~ I love the way she write her blogs..and in addition, she always have very nice photos in her blog posts... and Ilove those photos  :dote:
Maybe she get inspiration to make song from photos she took~
My favourite songs from Kokia are Fate,Karma and Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi~ :sparkleguy:

I love the background that she use on the stage~~ :dote:
it's History ♪ concert~ ~

this pic is from her blog~~