KOKIA sang Lost Home and the main theme of Rainbow for Yuki, both of which can be found in Yuki's The Works for Soundtrack.

I love her EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/., Follow the Nightingale, and Cyouwa Oto (with reflection). And her singing is phenomenal- her most recent album (Moments) was recorded live and she sounds fantastic. My favorites so far are Moment, From 16, and Otona no Ookami. :shy:

I thought she'd have her own topic by now! She's been mentioned plenty by others here (who are much more qualified than I to make this first post, haha). KOKIA fans please forgive me for this meager introduction :orz:
I love KOKIA! My favorite songs are Omoi and Chinmoku, but nobody else cares about these two lol
Nooo just cuz no one else seems to care doesn't make them less valid to you LOL

Where are they from?
They're from Fate and Transparent singles. You can also find them in pieces.
Indeed, Kokia thread is something we've been overlooking. Thanks for making it! :V:

My faves are:
Il Mare Dei Suoni
Follow the Nightingale
EXEC_PROTOCOL=COSMOFLIPS (not really bothering about the title's syntax, sorry :XD: )
Ave Maria

I also take a big liking to Clap Your Hands, Cyouwa Oto, Lydia~Fairy Dance, Suil A Run, Song of Pocchong and some others. And I enjoy pretty much all her songs in general. :dote:

She's also memorable to me for her cover of Oldfield's Moonlight Shadow. :sohappy:
I admire KOKIA for her superior vocal abilities, since imo she surpasses all of Yuki's vocalists except the very experiences ones (Kasahara, Eri, Hanae, Yuriko) in abilities, and if she was making more upbeat songs and not 80% (most of the time boring) ballads she would defitely be high on my list.
I also find awesome that she's able to speak perfect English and French (!), while most japanese barely know some english words.
I wish she would had more collaborations with Yuki since these 2 songs are way too old and dont show off her skills at all :(

My favourite songs by her are:
- 光の中に
(^ from Ar Tonelico 3)
- 嘆きの音 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7-XmBlDbjw)
- Noel no Theme ~Saigo no Tabi~ (FF XIII-2) [dont listen to it if you havent played the game since it has spoiler, but there is a murmuring version before it, 12 - Noel no Theme)
- Karma
I think KOKIA's herself is fantastic BUT unfortunately4me -most- of her songs put me to sleep. She has some truly amazing songs though.

And I think I'm the only one in the world who does not like EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/. at all. It makes me think of Adiemus and I f*cking hate Adiemus.
I was super excited when I found that she releases her songs on iTunes Japan so that means that people outside Japan can get her music and support her. Phantom is actually what introduced me to her and only later found out that she had performed with Kajiura-sama too.
@Grunty: There used to be two of us in the world... Up until the moment I actually heard the song in the AT3 hymnos collection. :XD:
Ironically, I discovered this album in Akiko Shikata's discography pack.
But indeed, fast songs are rare for Kokia. Which makes pieces like Follow the Nightingale all the more precious. :sparkleguy:
Like grunty, i feel most of her songs are too boring for me but i loooove adiemus and COSMOFLIPS :XD: AADI ADIEEEMUS ADIADIYAAAAA

Her voice is so unique and when I like one of her songs, i really really like it and loop it for hours!

My favorites
- cosmoflips
- the yuki song from rainbow
- everything from the Fairy Dance album <3
- road to glory
- ningentte sonna mono ne
- follow the nightingale
- hana utage
^ Wow that song is so awesome and unique! Im sure that these vocals she does in the beginnig are really complex to make (at first I thought it was a man (!)), first time I hear the song but definitely one of her best.
^ +1, I love the lyrics too.

Have to agree about her uninteresting songs >_<
Well, the first two minutes are from the live only ;X In fact, this version is much better than the recorded one.
wow, i never heard the live version before *_* lolllll thats awesome
cute kokia doesn't wear shoes :ohoho:
I only have her "follow the nightingale" because of the Tales of Innocence game :tea:
speaking of which, am still at 46% awakening...

Am too lazy to look up but can anyone give me the list of her songs in ar tonelico?
And also for akiko shikata and shimotsuki haruka :XD:
I love Kokia too :) In fact, I know her works earlier than I'm into Kajiura's work, thanks to Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino..

My favorite songs from her :
Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi - still one of the best anime theme for me
Karma - The 'bueeeee' is just awesome, and she layered her voice 12 times for that song. Simply amazing
Umaretate no Shiro
Transparent & Chinmoku

and lot more, actually...although I do agree with grunty that most of her songs put me into sleep even more than Kajiura's works...
Kiyoko introduced me to KOKIA...

my faves so far:
? (question)
Ningen sonna mono ne
Gomen ne
Nageki no oto

there are too many :XD: