KnK stream with unreleased bgms for Shiki Birthday (2024 edition)

6:30AM in Japan, for god's sake, still nighttime! who is using that sledgehammer???
okay so before (tomorrow evening) I start working through sets beyond what I had already posted, could someone help me identifying:

shikibdaystream_set01_01.mka / shikibdaystream_set06_04.mka
shikibdaystream_set04_06.mka (going by the rest of this set it's a demo - but of which track?)

Either they are unreleased or I keep missing them on the OSTs... I'm tired. v( ' ')v

(I split up set01_04 into two for whenever I upload the final version with just the unreleased stuff)
shikibdaystream_set01_02 knk01 m16.mka
shikibdaystream_set01_03 knk01 m17.mka
shikibdaystream_set01_04 knk01 m18.mka
shikibdaystream_set01_05 unr knk01 m18 nosfx.mka
shikibdaystream_set01_06 knk01 m04.mka
shikibdaystream_set02_01 knk02 m02.mka
shikibdaystream_set02_02 unr knk02 m07 alt.mka
shikibdaystream_set02_03 knk02 m07.mka
shikibdaystream_set02_04 unr knk02 m11 alt.mka
shikibdaystream_set02_05 knk02 m01.mka
shikibdaystream_set02_06 knk02 m14.mka
shikibdaystream_set02_07 knk02 m18.mka
shikibdaystream_set03_01 unr knk05 m18a strings only.mka
shikibdaystream_set03_02 knk05 m20.mka
shikibdaystream_set03_03 knk05 m25.mka
shikibdaystream_set03_04 knk05 m04.mka
shikibdaystream_set03_05 knk05 m08.mka
shikibdaystream_set03_06 knk05 m26.mka
shikibdaystream_set04_01 unr knk03 m01 demo.mka
shikibdaystream_set04_02 unr knk03 m08 demo.mka
shikibdaystream_set04_03 unr knk03 m16 demo.mka
shikibdaystream_set04_04 unr knk03 m17+18 demo.mka
shikibdaystream_set04_05 unr knk03 m21 demo.mka
shikibdaystream_set04_07 unr knk03 m10+11 demo.mka
shikibdaystream_set04_08 unr knk03 m22 demo.mka
shikibdaystream_set04_09 unr knk03 m23 demo.mka
shikibdaystream_set05_01 knk06 m13.mka
shikibdaystream_set05_02 knk06 m18.mka
shikibdaystream_set05_03 knk06 m01.mka
shikibdaystream_set05_04 knk06 m02+03.mka
shikibdaystream_set05_05 knk06 m06+07.mka
shikibdaystream_set05_06 knk06 m12.mka
shikibdaystream_set05_07 knk06 m14.mka
shikibdaystream_set06_01 knk01 m09.mka
shikibdaystream_set06_02 unr knk01 m01 instrumental.mka
shikibdaystream_set06_03 knk01 m04.mka
shikibdaystream_set06_05 knk01 m16.mka
shikibdaystream_set06_06 knk01 m17.mka
shikibdaystream_set06_07 knk01 m18.mka
shikibdaystream_set07_01 knk07 m01.mka
shikibdaystream_set07_02 knk07 m07.mka
shikibdaystream_set07_03 knk07 m17.mka
shikibdaystream_set07_04 knk07 m29.mka
shikibdaystream_set07_05 knk07 m30.mka
shikibdaystream_set07_06 knk07 m36.mka
shikibdaystream_set07_07 knk07 m38+39.mka
shikibdaystream_set07_08 knk07 m04.mka
shikibdaystream_set07_09 knk07 m19.mka
shikibdaystream_set07_10 knk07 m22.mka
shikibdaystream_set07_11 knk07 m31.mka
shikibdaystream_set07_12_13_skipsalways knk07 m33 m44.mka
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I just realized I really really love what they chose in Mirai Fukuin OST part in this stream..It's all major piano tracks but the simplicity and nostalgia hits me very hard. Along with those daily noises it was really really good but I know it was painful for recording them haha

But yes george it was intentional I heard. So those were the supposedly noises you hear depending on the time/place there for "immersion" lol. It was common in youtube those -studying music in rainy days blah blah ambient study music cafe jazz etc. etc. Tho I get the rain/cars passing/statics but the construction sfxs is a really bad choice imo lolz
Still no Garan no do musics? 💀


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I was thinking that maybe they re avoiding the Garan no Dou ones in case there's some demo featuring Maya.

@grunty: I d love to help but first i need to refresh the soundtracks on my memory so that i dont mistake any released as unreleased.
okay so before (tomorrow evening) I start working through sets beyond what I had already posted, could someone help me identifying:

shikibdaystream_set01_01.mka / shikibdaystream_set06_04.mka
shikibdaystream_set04_06.mka (going by the rest of this set it's a demo - but of which track?)

Either they are unreleased or I keep missing them on the OSTs... I'm tired. v( ' ')v
shikibdaystream_set01_01.mka / shikibdaystream_set06_04.mka are unreleased/unused, maybe M10 from OST1 (missing).

And the last one… unreleased too but I don’t know if it was used or not, OST3 is complete…
It's going to end in minutes, I think?

Wonder if my downloads are going to be completed.

lol that was anticlimactic

guess what happened at exactly 0:07 japan time while the stream was running?
my laptop crashed. :vortex: fingers crossed everything's fine with the audio I had saved
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In the stream description says that it would stop today at midnight.

And now they made it private.

I hope your files are okay.

yuki.n was also recording so we will hopefully have a backup even if yours is lost
I'm pissed with this crash.

I definitely have the first 50h from the backup I made in the morning.
I should also have the first 52h27m but status pending on how that file reads. Edit: Seems like I managed to recover this one.

The whole thing should be ~57h15m I presume? :/

Potentially missing

Shit, the final loop (in the stream, not in what I still have) may have been the first set without static. Fingers crossed yuki.n has it.

Yea, so the last set in my recovered files is the one that started at 51h and it's tracks from KNK7.
If anyone was saving the stream audio after that (the last 5 or 6 hours), plz halp. :(
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Sorry to disappoint you, folks. youtube-dl downloads stuff in 6h batches and then 403's. I had set it to start again overnight after the previous one would stop recording, but something went wrong with that and it didn't work. Then today we had a long water outage so I had my mind elsewhere... I only have (some) stuff until around 02:30 Greek time (00:30 UTC, 09:30 Japan). That should include the clean version of 19+20.

EDIT: almost forgot to say, thanks a lot grunty for your effort! :bow:
"It can't be helped." :(
Hope you're doing better now.

I'm so mad at myself for not starting downloading the live stream when I came back home an hour before the stream had ended. I didn't realize it would be ending so I was just slowly downloading the archive. And then that crash happened at literally the worst time - stream was private by the time my laptop rebooted...
I'm so angry at myself. :|

Also @yuki.n youtube-dl is dead, should've moved onto yt-dlp.
Dead? :imdead: What do you mean, it still works... Anyway, switched to yt-dlp, thanks!

I'm better now, just annoyed because the water is back, but there's not enough pressure for me to shower and I just came back from exercising :uh..: Also annoyed at myself because I saw this morning that youtube-dl hadn't restarted automatically, but went "meh" and didn't restart it.
We are but 2 people.
If we don't get the last 5 hours, we can blame everyone else for not chiming in. ;P

Anyways, I'll start working my way through what I have. Can't really do much else.

Oh, I see youtube-dl actually updated back in December. When I finally switched to yt-dlp, youtube-dl was like ?4 months without an update.
well there were around 500-1000 people constantly watching so something that was missed from you two might pop up at nico-nico or something
Possibly but that's surely going to be re-encoded, not the original saved stream. :/
And the original's quality is already shitty enough.
I recorded (I mean by system audio) the last movie3 set with the lamp buzzing sometimes, I patched the M19+20 demo with 4 versions to remove the sfx. That's all... :(
I also heard the Mirai Fukuin music set but I think there wasn't nothing rare...