KnK stream with unreleased bgms for Shiki Birthday (2024 edition)

Maybe they just squeezed the first set in again because of the static at the start of the stream. Gotta make sure it's the same but I think it was. I'll get back to it after eating and upload the first 5.

It is unfortunate they are continuing though, thought we'd have a long breather and not have to worry about missing things, lol.
Yes i think there was a certain track that was altered compared to the ost.. had movie 7 theme music but with movie 1 sfx. But then again i havent listen to knk osts in long time so i might be wrong 😅
OK, set1 and 6 weren't the same. Just had some repeats. :| Maybe the 6th one was supposed to be for Remix recap movie? lol, Iunno.

Also, if anyone notices weird SFX in the tracks I upload please point it out. I just noticed when the 2nd set begings the first two tracks have SFX but then when the set loops, the SFX is not there. Dafuq? Was it supposed to be there? It's like whoever is streaming this is actually playing it on their speakers and records that to stream but also has their windows open so we get random noise, lol.

Edit2: Jesus krist. That 2nd set is seriously ????? with random sfx and BUZZing. And then sledgehammer... What on earth. I literally checked every occurence of the 1st track in this set and the BUZZ is always in a different spot. lol?

Edit3: I already replaced 1, 8 and 9 from set04 for the upcoming re-upload.
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Updated my post with sets 1 through 7.

If you catch any SFX in set 03 and beyond, tell me. I already changed three tracks from the old set4 to versions without SFX (hopefully). Don't ask me why there's random wind/cars/sledgehammer/buzz noises in this stream - I have no idea.
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I was thinking maybe its an anti-piracy thing, similar to how subscription TVs have some number going around the screen sometimes.
Hmmm I think it's just ASMR lol Previous hours, night time, was so calm. Now, in the morning, SFX is back :(

Thank you @grunty 2 unreleased more from the movie 2 <3
There is no sets about Garan no Do, right?
What I posted should cover the first 15 hours.
I'll leave my shit running over night (that is assuming my interweb doesn't crap out - and it usually does) but sadly, I'll have to turn it off during the day. Hopefully with our powers combined we'll have it all, lol.

edit: I lied. Same spot.
i honestly don't know which is unreleased xD

7-03 is superb.... oops it's actually m17 hehe. still very good :)

I am just listening to the stream. I still think KnK has some great new age music. so relaxing.

the chat is so lame. no one has mentioned Kajiura or commented on the music. (someone said beautiful music). lame.

what the hell is that hammering? is that from the movie? i also heard drilling, as in the sidewalk/construction.. cars going by... is someone playing it through speakers and putting a microphone over? fail -.-
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Well, this was unexpected hue. Thanks for recording Guronti boya.

Rain Goes Up with bass and drums is OLEV.
F this quality. F this SFX garbage.
Man, this is going to be a pain to get through, lol. Owell.

If anyone could tell me if there's any SFX(that isn't Kajiura) or glitches in what I already uploaded, I'd appreciate it. Focusing on the unreleased tracks obviously.
Thanks for the rips grunty

The alt versions are such a treat, especially the ones where Kajiura is doing the vocals.
I swear there's been rain for 8 hours now. These are going to be useless if there's any unreleased stuff here.

From what I'm skipping:

#08 13h07m39s repeat of set06
#09 15h07m38s reshuffled set02 (2, 4, 1, 3, 5, 7, 6)
#10 17h07m39s reshuffled set05 (7, 6, 3, 4, 5, 2, 1)
#11 19h07m39s mirai fukuin/extra chorus (m04, m30, m03, m08, m23, m28, m17, m13, m32, m35, m37, m38) (no new unreleased)
rain starts
#12 21h07m39s reshuffled set6 (3, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7)
#13 23h07m49s knk5 (m05, m18a, m04, m26, m08, m18a(strings only), m20) (no new unreleased)
#14 25h07m30s knk2 (m19, m07alt, m11alt, m02, m07, m01, m18, m14) (no new unreleased)
#15 27h07m29s repeat of set14 (dafuq?)
#16 29h07m30s knk3 (rainy m19+20 demo + reshuffled set04: 5, 3, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 7, 9) (new demo appears later without rain)
#17 31h07m29s knk7 (m44, m43, m17, m01, m07, m30, m36, m29, m38+39, m41+42) (no new unreleased)
rain ends
#18 33h07m26s reshuffled set07 (7, 6, 3, 4, 5, 2, 1)
#19 35h07m21s repeat of set13
#20 37h07m16s knk1 (set06 (but with knk01m04 at the start) + staticless knk01m18nosfx (from set01))
#21 39h07m16s repeat of set16 (without the rain, thank goodness)
#22 41h07m16s repeat of set20
#23 43h07m16s repeat of set11
#24 45h07m16s repeat of set14
#25 47h07m04s repeat of set10
#26 49h07m00s repeat of set11
#27 51h07m00s repeat of set17
and this is where my save failed due to laptop crash. I'm missing the last 5 hours or so. :(
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for fucks sake just as im about to leave
they better not be new with this rain :/
Now they have M19+20 with Kajiura but it still has rain >->

Not that i hear the Kajiura ver it does sound like that unreleased BGM from Tokyo Revelations a bit lol

Now its the 3rd time they play it since i tuned in... almost every 15 mins. This version has a bit more Kajiurago than the CD ver

Looks like Japan suddenly turned into Little Big Adventure lol
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