KnK stream with unreleased bgms for Shiki Birthday (2024 edition)

I've been listening to it for 1 hour or less and it has some musics from movie 5 (Araya's theme, Cornelius's theme, sprinter's arrangament...)+main theme looped, now it has started to add SFX... hmmmm....
Ok, Cornelius's theme is M18a but only violin... unreleased?? Quick! Someone to get that! :O
Also some of the bgm has other sfs like car passing by or wind sfx which is definetely not in the ost

i think they might be using the bgm exactly as used in the movies but without the voices or most sfx
Weird how hard the loop ends before the cello comes back in. I have this one loop saved.
Oh it changed. Crap. I guess it's going to be impossible to get all of this shit.
Welp. I'm saving what my internet allows (with yt-dlp).
Hopefully others are too and saved before I started.

Maybe they loop from the start at some point. Not that I'd know what came before, lol.
and now there's defintely some unreleased bgm! with the bing bing.

I think its bgms by kajiura before the actual recording happens
I'm "recording" it, better than nothing. I really love those vocals from the third movie <3
I'm trying to save with "from the beginning" but the audio I'm getting is hissing (forgot the number but it's starting with Aozaki's floating monologue/rooftop suicide Hanae track from the 1st movie) don't know if that's how it streamed or the "from the beginning" isn't working correctly (it's described as experimental).

If they are streaming this for 3 days this is going to suck, lol

hissing is gone after 2hours, starting with the second loop
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