KnK stream with unreleased bgms for Shiki Birthday (2024 edition)

Thank you @grunty!!

KnK1 set is fantasy. Still listening to it.
It was so random they played instrumentals and acapella of m03b/m04.

Next year they should play m01 Fion version (demo) or even Maaya Sakamoto’s.

m01(full version), m08c and m12+13 were omitted from the stream for some reason.
It’s a pity, I’d love hear the full acapella of that awesome scene in the rooftop! Hanae and the layers of her voice are delicious.
Kara no Kyoukai Unreleased Rips from ufotable streams
knk01+02+03+05 alts as of 2024 on mega:

- during the latest birthday stream they played tracks from knk1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9(recalled out summer) in movie/tokutenCD order.
- knk1,2,3,5 featured alternates and unused tracks. Demos in knk3's case.
Unused tracks were seemingly placed in their respective spots between previously released tracks. "EXTRA" from KNK2's tokuten OST is played between M04 and M06 in the stream, which effectively makes it the missing "M05" from the tracklisting (as it was not used in the movie).
- knk6,7,9 had no new music, just released tracks in movie/tokutenCD order, skipped maybe two along the way.

The files were cut directly from youtube's shitty audio, without reencoding.

If you hear any suspicious SFX that shouldn't be there (weird pops or a damn car) in anything other than knk2, YELL AT ME.
knk2 played only once with background noises in the actual stream - nothing I could do about it, other than include tracks from previous streams if available. I did the same for tracks from other movies which had SFX in this stream. Some tracks from previous streams have replaygain information added to make them louder - hopefully it works as intended.
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Hmm... maybe I should have finished knk5 yesterday... cause knk6,7 are just tokutens... I expect recalled out summer will be too... Edit: Yap. Welp, lemme just finish up knk5 and reupload the batch from above cause no point in doing it separately.

Edit: done. Maybe next year they start giving us knk6 alts.
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the percussion in "knk05 m14"? Isn't that a demo?
"knk05 m18a alt (strings)" or how to score a comedy series.

I'm dying on the hill that the rooftop scene is Fion. lol.
Pretty sure is Hanae. Plus, Fion was not credited in KnK3 despite the same vocals are present (or Kajiura refused to credit herself).
the percussion in "knk05 m14"? Isn't that a demo?
I see no reason for there to be a random single demo in any set considering how knk3 was. Plus this convenience of new tracks being in places where a track was missing. I don't think anyone making these streams would put that much effort or be that smug.
With that said... Not like I know anything for sure. It's anyone's guess what anything is beyond what was already released. Rename how you see fit. v( '')v

I hope whoever is providing these for ufo's streams is actually slowly building an expanded program for standalone OST release and we get beautiful instrumentals and other bonuses officially. XD
Well, Mirai Fukuin still needs a standalone OST so... It's my last hope. But I don't think we get demos or instrumentals...
@ufotable_uploader, please, leak the audios ;)

Btw, what about a Saber or Madoka's birthday stream? xD
But I don't think we get demos or instrumentals...
One can hope. And I certainly will.
Shitty quality aside, I'm still flabbergasted they even unleashed all these officially in these streams. And like, it wasn't even a one-time incident. It's a mystery.
maybe there is a Kajiura fan spy inside ufotable who dug in and found all these alternates in the production storage data so he is sharing to the world :3 And maybe he said to his superiors that he is just going to stream the tokuten soundtracks, and them because they re of old age and still use feature phones, havent even noticed lol
M03 and M04 vocals are more complex than I remembered. Danke guronti for recording this~ Kajiura is singing the lowest voices in M04 right?
I'm betting Hanae on the entirety of M04 but who knows. Remember the period of time when we were getting detailed per-track credits? Those were the days...
I'm betting Hanae on the entirety of M04 but who knows.
It just sounds so Fionish to me. Like her parts in Mezame and other songs where she sings low harmony. It even has a bit of that Kajiura nasality. Plus it sounds like it's chest voice, and Hanae only sings in head voice (afaik hue).
It could be. v( '')v
To me it doesn't sound that similar to the lower voice in m07+08 demo. But maybe different day, different recording, different postprocessing...

Listening again now... maybe it does sound like her... ;p
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