Kaori Oda solo + collabs (non-YK / non-Sound Horizon)

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I have Flowers now. After giving it a few listens, it's, well... good. However, nothing jumps out for me. All her other albums had one or a few songs that jumped out at me. This one... not so much. They're all good songs. Just nothing jumps out at me. Lots of jazzy songs too. The more she grows as a songwriter, the more her love for jazz comes through.


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Is this legit? What is the title of the song? Does anyone know it?


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Yea, guess it was taken down. It was just the whole episode (ED credits included) from crunchyroll.

PS. It's so bizarre that CR is streaming series 5 when nobody released the 4th one, lol. Not that either is actually worth watching... And people thought the 3rd series was bad when it came out.
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Here is the Ranking of Make it
13 Piacere
12 Kokoro Atata
11 Onaji Sora wo
10 Blessing
9 Tsuisou Kanon
8 Kurenai Musubi
7 Make it Real
6 Zero Tokei
5 Futari Ayatori
4 Love x Infinity 2016
3 Maze
2 Change


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And here I have the ranking for Gift. I would not have known, that there are many songs I liked, and it was diificult to rank the songs
13 For you
12 Give it to you
11 Hoshi wo tsunaide
10 Kobore souna tsuki
9 Stole my heart
8 Kibou no Kanata
7 Worlds end Syndrome
6 Mugen no Dystopia
5 Run-Limit
4 Theatrium
3 mindscape
1 Savanna no Hayate


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For Flowers I did not have listened that much of it to rank it, so I will make it on a time. (PS: I am always listening here songs on a mp3 site)


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Among the songs arranged by Takumi Ozawa, I really like Hikari no Prelude the most. LOVE×∞ 2016 and Maze are also good.


I like Yuki
Here is my Ranking for Flowers
12 Can't stop love
11 Kaikyuu no teien
10 Whispering Hope
9 Brand New Days
8 Precious Places, Precious Faces
7 Towa no yakusoku
6 Inori Megurite
5 Cleome
4 Alstroemeria
3 Utakata
2 suibi
1 Blazing Star
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My Ranking for the Songs outside of her Album (non counting Covers, FJ Songs, Another Union Songs, all Songs of Chix Chicks except Ai no Furue, and Sound Horizon Songs, also not Hikari no Prelude)
12 Wish on
11 Kimi no sillhouette
10 I still lovin you
9 Ai no Furue
8 Flowers in paradise
7 Refrain
6 Soul Evolution
5 Sayonara no Kawari ni
4 Over the testament (Kaori ver)
3 Power in me
2 Taga tame ni
1 Magnetic Fighter
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I agree ! Also looks really different with that hairstyle i almost couldnt recognise her.

Is this some kind of singing challenge ?