Kajiura x JAM PROJECT: (OP Theme of "GARO: The One Who Inherits Steel"(Release Feb 14, 2024 (digital), March 27 (cd)

I wouldn't mind a Masami Kajiura song. (Or another Megumi, also did work on Slayers.) Did not know she was in Jam Project.
https://jamjamsite.com/contents/134465 This confirms the OP song is by Kajiura and JAM project only sings the chorus while the ED song is made completely by Jam Project

JAM Project Official Website

2023/12/01 21:00

GARO: Hagane wo Tsugumono Mono" to start airing in January 2024.
JAM Project will be in charge of the ending theme song!

In addition, the opening theme song
JAM Project will participate in the chorus of the opening theme song "GARO Hagane wo Tsugumujin" with JAM Project!

Composition and arrangement are by Yuki Kajiura!

<Ending theme song
Kare wa Suteki Nakuenaki Shura no Tears
Lyrics: Masami Okui, music: Yoshiki Fukuyama, arrangement: Shiho Terada
Song: JAM Project

<Opening theme
GARO Hagane wo Tsugumono Mono with JAM Project
Composed and arranged by Yuki Kajiura

Oh wait that's just for the ending hmm

Edit: oh wait no, it does sample the OP too lol
but dunno about digital release

okay then

In all honesty I like how bombastic it sounds.

Digital single out Feb 14, 2024


1.GARO ハガネを継ぐ者 with JAM Project
TVドラマ『牙狼<GARO> ハガネを継ぐ者』オープニングテーマ
TVドラマ『牙狼<GARO> ハガネを継ぐ者』エンディング主題歌
作詞:奥井雅美 作曲:福山芳樹 編曲:寺田志保
TVドラマ『牙狼<GARO> ハガネを継ぐ者』挿入歌
作詞:奥井雅美 作曲:きただにひろし 編曲:寺田志保
4..GARO ハガネを継ぐ者 with JAM Project inst
5.其れは穢れなき修羅の涙 inst
6.乱 inst

Happy it gets an instrumental too
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Well, hope the single version is longer than tvsize (1min) but who knows...
I'm of two minds. Like, I don't care for the kajiurago much, I don't care for the melody much but both the instrumental and vocals and their bombasticness somehow GRAB me by the nuts right at the 42sec mark (the last 2 seconds in the single sample posted above)...
Longer version. Starts around 0:40.

Really fits the series opening(Music+Visuals). I got my wish of it wilder/grittier but urgh I wish it has more(ex. more vocal layering + at least small sec of separate parts between Masami Okui with the rest of the boyzz. At least it was better than the first collab one for sure.

As usual like sengoku youku, we can probably watch the series thru youtube as announced on their twitter https://twitter.com/GARO_PROJECT/status/1745437907668598956 . 1/12 tomorrow or watever your time-zone is.

https://www.youtube.com/@GAROofficial Official Youtube Channel
Dunno about nyaa but the official youtube ver sounds decent.
I also like the chorus/backing vocals in the ED.

Too bad the single is just digital and HIGHWAY STAR does not sell lossless versions internationally. Streaming it is.
Kinda unfair that OP is only TV size but ED is whole XD but i like both. Not bothering with the series as i ve never seen it before and im sure i have a ton of plot questions cause its super-long running from what i ve heard (unless its like Gundam that each has its own plot)
That's not the full ED.
And I don't think we really know if the OP is just TV size or the whole thing, lol.
Oh I missed this update. The single is getting a CD release (6 weeks after digital). Might be the first HS Record CD, though it's distributed by Earkth and Sony.



レーベル:HS Record

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And i was wondering why there wasnt a product code in the announcement so far ^^; (i was under impression they d release a single anyways)
Never heard of that label or HS record before XD
HS Record is HIGHWAY STAR, duh.

I'm pretty sure I have been seeing Earthk in Kajiura's new CD credits (but don't quote me on this as I'm too lazy to pick a CD up and double check, perhaps it was on somebody else's CD...) and in HS company info page as an affiliate company for a while now, but again, this seems to be the first CD actually released by them. Maybe that's what they were set up for.

Perhaps we will be seeing some solo Kajiura from them at some point... hmm...

Might as well be HIGHWAY STAR, lol. Same building and stuff.
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Yea on the CD webpage it has HS logos on the bottom as if HS is the parent company or something.
(i wonder how they read that in Japan, Erukuthu ? lol)