Kajiura x JAM PROJECT: (OP Theme of "GARO: The One Who Inherits Steel"(Release Feb 14, 2024 (digital), March 27 (cd)

I mean the left chair and the cd at the back with Lantis brand on this picture seems to funny to me sorry :ohoho:
There's no Kajiura content so I'm this bored lol.

Anyways the reason they are together cause they did interview right? And I'm new to their band but do they show some preview songs on their album before the release?
Pretty sure george misinterpreted your "there's no Kajiura content" and rushed to inform you of this JAM PROJECT project instead of taking it as a general observation/your boredom at this moment (and ?nitpicking? this photo; as I interpreted it).
Oh! I'm just joking with the lack of Kajiura. I appreciated any Kajiura content hehe. Well anyway depending on how long the overture is/how she did the kajiurago they MIGHT show up as guest in yklive but probability is low...
Lol nowai
The only way they are appearing on stage together for this track is if she goes to animelo again, I think. And even that's a stretch.