Kajiura x JAM PROJECT: (OP Theme of "GARO: The One Who Inherits Steel"(Release Feb 14, 2024 (digital), March 27 (cd)

So I don't have actual runtimes but I looked at the itunes preorder and the sample for GARO's op is 30seconds long, while the ones for other songs are a minute and a half long. tldr: that 1min version is likely all there is to YK's track.
Yep, it’s 1:07 😭 it’s a pity.

Btw, the artist tagged in the song+inst is “Yuki Kajiura, JAM Project”. I thought she wasn’t going to be credited that way.
Maybe I'm hearing things. XD Wouldn't be the first time, particularly when I only listened to it on my laptop speakers.
I only hear it between 0:13 - 0;31 if you mean that part, and this is some more later but its behind strings and other instruments.