Kajiura Family Media Appearances


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Ooooh intadasting. It shows her scoring some scene from an anime (SAO?).
Really wish they would stop crediting her with Kimetsu tho.


Its not bad to credit her as long as they say she did only the first 2-3 eps and the EDs.

This announcee has jambled her words a bit 😅


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Hopefully someone rips/encodes it.

I feel we were kinda blessed/spoiled with that SAO special. (TV rip, then official english stream and then even an extra on bluray.)


I adore Yuki


(source with more pics)


I have reached Yuki nirvana
More like poor tenors and sopranos constantly screeching. Then again, maybe they like hitting those Gs all the time...


I have reached Yuki nirvana
@ciwi07 Thanks for posting. Hopefully some higher quality rip appears.

@wat11 I'm still skipping through it but it seems to focus on SAO Progressive's composing and recording.
I think @2:55 there is a piece of chorus score visible for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRkxrsE9MeU
That track at 12min, which they preview in 2 parts. Potentially cool BGM ruined by strings. Unless they are supposed to be 2 seperate appearances, who knows...
Has some Remi in the booth. A bit of vocal score visible for her track @13:34.
Some I'm here and stone cold clips from the Talk mini-live.
Seems like they might be reusing the first town in Progressive, unless they just played it for this program lol.
The chorus track they play after it @19:50 doesn't seem too bad from this clip (because of what I can hear of the percussion) but I shudder thinking about how it will sound in the final mastering. :/
OK but that track at 20:15. I am intrigued. inb4 that's all there is to it in the final product lol.
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it was a bit fragmented but from what I understood I actually liked most of what I heard.

the melodies were likeable and Remi's voice was nice, though at one point I thought she was off-key (?) and I imagined Kajiura reaching for some studio magicks.

Tokyo Konsei is another matter, with just a few exceptions (bercouli, a few more alicization tracks) Kajiura has not been using the choir properly imo. most likely trend will continue in this SAO. sigh


Dripping with Kajiura
She says that music is not the main thing but is made to go with the scenes bla bla bla nothing new here except the brocoli sup and the spoon product placement.

Iwanami saying that Kajiura is unique because she can use instruments like woodwinds* to take the lead during intense scenes be like Kaneshiro:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APMcqdnBCcU*Or did you mean strings, Iwanami???

I'm curious to know if there's a special reason to blur the music sheets at 5:00 and 14:23, seing that they showed many others?

Still very happy about this media appearance, she doesn't care much about it nowadays. She won like 600 likes on twitter, lol
Nice to introduce her with Gundam Seed, and regarding LiSA... if she's the theme song performer, please let her song be composed by Kajiura.

I liked what I've heard here, I might like it as well during the movie but I'm really afraid that it will be a huge disappointment with the soundtrack release afterwards. If there's a soundtrack release with the movie debut, maybe it's better to listen to it before considering watching the movie.......


I like Yuki
For anyone who understands japanese, what are the 7 rules?
<#Seven Rules by composer Yuki Kajiura>
1. The notes are in the staff notes.
2. Write BGM as a reading impression
3. Work meal is soup
4. Use coined words when you don't want the lyrics to have meaning
5. Retake tells the reason properly
6. Live with everyone in the lead
7. Don't blame people

(translate google)



I have reached Yuki nirvana
I'm curious to know if there's a special reason to blur the music sheets at 5:00 and 14:23, seing that they showed many others?
Mebe they weren't for SAO or had some notes. Iunno. ;p
The one at 14:23 feels like some schedule rather than score. Or maybe even storyboards, though I would think those would be on a vertical piece of paper. The next shot is like "Comical / Comedy" so maybe it's a track "order" sheet from Iwanami/sound director. :P The description at the bottom says "Music Menu" so ya, probably that in that first shot.