Kajiura Family Media Appearances

Received the new Keyboard magazine today, that was fast !
Photos about Yuki Kajiura (no scan, I don't want to destroy my book)
I didn't recognize their kanji at first but there are also interviews of Kenji Kawai, Satoru Kosaki (MoNACA), Kenichiro Suehiro and Yoshiaki Fujisawa so that's interesting.

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@george1234 This is from last year.
I think you may find better scans but there’s no way to read an electronic version since it wasn’t meant to be published online , only paper version (same for one Newtype issue with music from lord el melloi and Hibari, I remember sharing it somewhere)
―― キャリアを重ねていくと、一緒に仕事をする人が若くなっていきますよね。後進を育てる際に心掛けていることはありますか?
梶浦 私は人を育てるなんて絶対に無理なタイプ(笑)。なので、「育ってください」っていうスタンスですね。私が一緒にお仕事させていただく若い方というと、歌い手さんがほとんど。でも歌い手さんが技術を身に付けたりうまくなったりするのは、ものすごく大変なことなんです。私の一言くらいで変わるものでもありませんし、1年くらい血のにじむような努力をしなければいけないもの。どれだけ難しいことなのか分かっているので、私が育てているなんておこがましいことは言えません。

Hello I have come out of hiding to translate the bit you guys were discussing. Hope it helps with your interpretations!!

Q: As your career progresses, the people you work with become younger and younger right (compared to yourself)? What is your mindset on raising your juniors?

A: I'm the type of person is absolutely incapable of raising others (lol). Therefore, I take the stance of "please grow". The young people I work with are mostly singers. But it take tremendous amount of work for a singer to acquire technique and/or improve. It's not something that changes overnight just because I said something; it takes years of bleeding hard work. I know how difficult it is (for the singer), so I can't say something as presumptuous like"I've raised these singers".
Instead, I've merely been observing whether people have been taking in my feedback and change.For the people who change, I'm able to point out something else and we can move forward. For the people who don't change, I have to say the same thing 100 times and leave it at "that's the kind of person they are". Even though they'll never move to the next stage, it's neither a good or bad thing because whether to grow is that person's own choice. It only means that the people who don't change will keep doing the same work at the same place/level, whereas the people who change will keep progressing to the next stages of their career, that's all. But I will say this - if I'm asked which type of person is more interesting to work with, it would be definitely with people who change over time. Because if they're capable of evolving, then I could also a try different things with them next time!

It seems like the translation quoted on top of this page had mixed up for whom Kajiura said it's extremely difficult for.
What she's saying is it takes a lot of hard work for a singer to improve - not it takes a lot of work to get the singer to improve.

To my understanding, she doesn't NOT raise her singers. She just doesn't actively make it her mission to make a singer grow. She knows how hard it is for singers to grow and doesn't want to take credit for it.
It looks like she gives feedback and take different long term approaches with her artists differently depending on how they take it on.
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Only if you're willing to wait...

There is a ALOT of content. When I did a skit read through both interviews I found it was mainly talking about her past, how she got into music, and what her outlook on life is... zzzzzzz
There's a new Sakura Taisen anime out, sadly without YK's music, but its a good chance to see if her music works in the show.

And somehow one of the composer for the musical has returned for the anime.
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Jfc I already uninstalled flash. Get it together, Japan. (Or don't, lemme look into this...)

To wake up in the middle of the night or not... Poop.
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I heard she was mentioned in Sound Horizon's new Single? "Special Thanks" and "Fictionjunction" is what I read. I don't think she will be heavily involved but the only thing I would think of is that the song is kinda "referenced" to her somehow. PROBABLY....I don't mind another Dream Port :)))))

I didn't saw her name in preview but this is the only thing I can find gomen
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