Kajiura Family Media Appearances

I'm guessing a list of tracks with descriptions.
Whether that's a request list from Iwanami (or one that he and Kajiura settled on) or just something she did for recording sessions, I don't know.

title in the corner:
音楽メニュー(楽曲オーダー表) <- Music menu (Music composition order table)

14:30 unblurred section if I didn't make any mistakes:
テンポのいい曲。 <- "A song with a good tempo."

The shot before you see part of a table:
コミカル (comical)コメディ (comedy)

Google lists 日常 with everyday, ordinary, regular, usual

Make of it what you will. I don't know Japanese so all this is guessing.
I only looked at this part because @Justisamuel was wondering about selective blurring. I don't think it was a score sheet here.
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Thank you !

For wonderland its interesting how its basically an accoustic version without strings drums or e-guitar i think it would fit if the added percussion to it too.
Watching the Madoka panel and can't believe Aoi Yuki is only about to turn 30. She presents like such an obasan, lolz. (I know it's 10 years old already but if you accidentally catch this before watching the show = lol.)
Also I think they showed part of the opening animation for Magia Record s2 at the start of the panel. Also "Walpurgisnacht: Rising" English subtitle for the upcoming movie.
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OMG Sorry @Hoseki for late response and didn't specify that I want video format. :bow:

Is it possible to reupload again? I can't open/dl it now :comeback:
I saw you request me the access for the files? Could you open them? If not, I can send it to you by email, or maybe upload them in mega?
So Fate/Zero, El-melloi and Kara no Kyoukai soundtracks will be available on Spotify/Apple Music on July 30?

(Too bad there’s no Heaven’s Feel too but, hey, this is plenty of stuff to listen/re-listen to! And the day before Magia Record Season 2 as well!)
So Fate/Zero, El-melloi and Kara no Kyoukai soundtracks will be available on Spotify/Apple Music on July 30?

In light of this there is a new YK interview in english and the guys who did it emailed it to @Kerahna


But for me has nothing much, these question have been asked before many times...maybe the only new thing is she now does film scoring for some tv series as well.
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