H-el-ical aka Hikaru!!!

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Thank you so, so much, @sarasara ! :sohappy:

I enjoy both Fili and Existence on my first couple of listens! Gotta listen to them more!

I always like hearing Hikaru singing in English. Aside from one or two words, I can understand what she was saying without having lyrics in front of me or knowing the song prior (like the covered Christmas songs). :love:


Btw "Fili" in greek means "kiss" i dont know if its with this in mind or a similar sounding word in an other language. @sarasara what the file type of the audio files because it doesnt appear on my pc.
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I eat sleep and breathe Yuki
Neither can I. I get a blank page. ( My compoopter can see and play flacs. )

ARRRGH !!! Why is she looking so cute. She's out Cute'ing Keiko...


I eat sleep and breathe Yuki
Yeah, everything still works for me? I just use VLC to play them and it works. not sure :/


Thanks sarasara.

I have no problem download using jdownloader on pc.