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H-el-ical aka Hikaru!!!


I have reached Yuki nirvana

Hikaru calls herself H-el-ical and the song is titled “pulsation” !!
There's no ufficial announcement yet, but it's herrrr!!

Hicchan is back!! *happyness


I eat sleep and breathe Yuki
omg!!!! what a surprise!!! the song will have to grow on me a bit but this is a nice surprise, im glad to see her back. it looks like she wrote the lyrics too which is cool! no trace of kajiura tho? i really hope she works with her again one day sigh
edit: the official twittter in the yt description doesnt link anywhere ? lol


Just like with Wakana, I keep expecting to hear the Kalafina harmonies and Kaiida's additional chorus hoarmonies. Not having those is something I have to get use to with their solo releases. I like the song despite what I anticipate hearing.

Atlas Star

Sailor Yuki
I actually really like the chorus of this song and her lower harmonies. The friggin strings that are on loop though................................

The bridge is love!!! And then right after the bridge how the music fades away and you just hear her pure voice..... wow!!!!


Probably because it isn't officially released yet. Her HelicalOfficial twitter isn't set up either. There is a Helical Official (separate words) twitter. But it's some one else.


If nothing else, Hikaru may have a pretty good future as a lyricist. Only her first song and the lyrics are miles better than any of Wakana's (not just in "meaning" which is subjective, but flow, rhythm, composition, etc). Makes sense since Hikaru likes poetry. It doesn't give off that "amateur lyrics" vibe like in Toki wo Koeru.

I liked the strings and piano in the song - I wish there were more of it. It's a little bland overall, but it's listenable and Hikaru's voice hasn't been this good in years.