H-el-ical aka Hikaru!!!

Hayden K.

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Hikaru released a new song on YouTube!

I hope they’ll get her onto digital music marketing sources soon . . . I pay too much for Apple Music not to have her show up in my shuffles \(//∇//)\

-though I’m still grateful you guys were nice enough to pass me her full first album-

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Hikaru released a new song on YouTube!
I fuggin love it. The beginning reminds me of Amanhacer. Omg her voice is so gentle


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After listening to that OP, It would be wonderful if she could collab with Sawano cause low volume vocal being drowned by instrument is his forte.

Hayden K.

I like Yuki
I come back from the doctor to pick my phone and suddenly new music.

At least my day will be happy:tea:

Post-listen: I cannot with this beat and guitar. My body won’t stop moving and shaking. At least by the third time I started it over to focus on the vocals I gotta say I love the chorus arrangement and how she pulled off the bridge here! Certainly happy to find yet another song to keep me positive while working, a la Yolcu/Avaricia/Existence/Splendore:goodjob:
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wow I think Hikaru's voice sounds good. i hope it's like this in the lives. the songs are catchy, not particularly difficult but still very nice job! :)

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Ahh... “Elements” makes sense now... I smell second album!!!
She did announce a second mini album for sale for a limited time in her shop during her SPICE Live stream.

M1. 空 - Look ahead
M2. 火 - One step forward
M3. 地 - Side by side
M4. 風 - Struggle to admit
M5. 水 - Find your answer

Also, here's the video. Not sure how long it'll be on the channel:

1:27:39 is when she starts singing.


1. Moon River (cover)
2. Fly Me to the Moon (cover)
3. 水 - Find your answer
4. 風 - Struggle to admit


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Should be.

I prefer the tvsize intro. :| I know it's essentialy the same but I do...
Song is OK.