Good Things that Happened to You!!!

Hearing the Mai-Hime ED 君が空だった in an acoustic live version by original singer Aki Misato at her birthday live.


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I have had a sleepy kitty in the corner of my room most nights. And it makes me happy to think that I will always have this. She loves attention, as in I went upstairs for 10 mins and she started mewing again. lol She can be a bit of a biter at times, and will jump up at things she's not supposed to, but otherwise is a good kid. She gets spoiled by all of us.

Also I like Aki Misato! Haven't heard anything by her in awhile, glad you had fun and heard that song! Must have been awesome. I wish I could go to a bday event of someone I admire... like in Japan. heh Have fun in my place.
Some months ago, I thought about having my own website and now, I decide to finally create a website at

I have been posting content everyday and so far, my website seems to be gaining a wide reach and audience. Hope it continues!
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Sleepy kitty behind me. I don't want to move when she's being this cute. She has been good for the most part... except for jumping up to the top of my desk from my chair the other night, scaring me. I am going to give her some extra treats and new toys on Christmas, which I am getting excited for now. lol Before I was like... ugh... I do not like the generic songs that play in stores, unless they are instrumental or from church, and Kalafina's of course, but they will never play them at Target. heh
officially a college grad!!
wow this thread has not progressed much in the past year
now the update is: officially going to be a grad student!

but actually I opened this thread because the digitized YWCA records are finally online and I couldn't be more excited. I've spent the entire day (I'm not joking) surfing through them and found so much already
now the update is: officially going to be a grad student!

I'm extremely happy now because our cat gave birth!!

Mandatory kitten tax:

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Something different. I did my semi-regular walk through the park yesterday and there was someone looking puzzled stopped on the path. So I offered to help and walked more slowly for them to follow and pointed out some of the native plants and animals along the way and left them at a bus stop where they could get a bus soon back to Adelaide.