Good Things that Happened to You!!!


I have reached Yuki nirvana
So since the other one got deleted accidently somehow, I thought I'd start it up again, and george said we might combine it with the old one if we get it back. So here we go. Good things:

1. Feeling much better after such a horrible week last week
2. Saw Star Trek Into Darkness with my cousin tonight, which was great
3. Got my Kaji Fes sleeve from Kuga which made me very happy
4. Went the whole day without taking a nap!
5. (added) new theme, finally!
:dote: Okay next person go. (this thread always picks me up)
yay for this thread's rebirth
after having gone missing for a few days, my Consolation shirt turned up!
aand I'm finished with school! I don't think I did too badly on my math exam, which is another plus
Yay! Happy thing: like seeing happy people. (I will be happy once this stomach ache goes away and I can get stuff done) I also like doing things to help people, so if this is one of them, then yay!

Also going to be watching/listening to Kalafina most of the day today. Going to watch their live dvds again, since it makes me happy.
Ahh, very nice of you to make this thread again! :sohappy:

Strwberries! :sohappy:
^I want strawberries now, darn it.

I went shopping today and got a new slap watch. it is a dark blue and very cool. Also had a burger today from one of my favorite burger places: Kewpee's.
/me sends and oversea pack of strawberries to Liana-chan
I finally watched vol.4 blu ray last night :dote:
"on guitar...Konno Hitoshi!" :XD:

MegyTomitatsu said:
/me sends and oversea pack of strawberries to Liana-chan

lol I don't think they would last unless you froze them. You don't even know my address! I will ask for strawberries when it becomes grocery time, which is Monday. :dote:
^ Now I want to have some strawberry jam now...

Back in my hometown in the mountains, there is this store that makes some very good tasting strawberry jam. Also, that store is being run by nuns, which use the money they gain to help their scholars in finishing their schooling. I will be heading home now to eat some bread filled with this jam... :sohappy:
lol Liana, you dont have to be so literal xD Plenty of time till monday.
My joy, they are so yummy :dote:
lol this has become a strawberry topic thread, maybe I should change the title? :ohoho:

I get to listen to the whole Shuffle! ost on Youtube! So happy! I LOVE this soundtrack and the show so much. It makes me cry everytime I watch it, but it's so good. heh Also, did not get a wave of nausea today! Woohoo! No more sickness after this.
Congrats Liana :w00t:
Aww I so happy I could finally bring myself to do some studying today :XD:
Lately I haven't been able to resist the temptation of summer ... I have a lot to study in summer break :orz:
I think I managed to convert a work colleague into a FJ/Kalafina fan... :sohappy: :sohappy:

Well, I just gave her songs that I thought she would like, she was the person who asked about Kalafina in the first place so I guess I just went with the current... :ayashii:
@wormbook: Thanks! And yeah, I know that feeling completely, since I just started school again. My teacher friends will shortly be going on their break, and yet I'll still be in school, but at least I am doing well! And I am ahead on my assignments. woot!

I am going to go get my favorite salad from Wendy's for lunch, I am not that hungry but I will be once the time of my chiro is. :dote:
Ohh, was that a better weather announcement? Please be true!
Lots of good things this weekend:

1. Got released from work early both days and got stuff done
2. went to a comic book store that has some manga, and got spice and wolf, negima, a neil gaiman book, sesshomaru wallscroll, ramune and pocky.
3. went to a fish store and saw a really cool puffer fish we might get soon
4. Saw my great aunt mary and went to red robin for dinner and had a good chicken salad
5. went to the grocery store and got strawberries! finally heh and lots of candy :dote:
Jose Mourinho has returned to Chelsea! :sohappy: :sohappy:

Only, Roman, don't sack the man after like 1 season again, please. I've lost count of the number of times I've said "Bye Bye Mr X, will miss you and you are a good manager" :uh..: :uh..:
Preordered the KajiFes book and bookmarks! Now I will be using a Yuki bookmark when reading. hehe (Can't wait until the end of the month!)