Go Shiina & (notsomuch) Yuki Kajiura to compose for Kimetsu no Yaiba (S4: Airing May 12)


God, almost 2 months for the release of the single? 💀
From what I see on VGMDB their singles don't seem to come with instrumentals...
so... potential b-sides aside... if the digital release is next week, there might not be a reason to wait til the CD single Kajiura-wise...

Update: I was wrong, instrumental is confirmed
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While singing "Koikogare" written by Yuki Kajiura, I carefully layered my voice over the words of the song, thinking about how I would feel if I were in this world and how I would live and express the words of this song.
I hope that "Koikogare," a song about a single-minded and straightforward desire to protect one's loved ones, will add a vivid color like the morning glow to the "Kimetsu no Yaiba" swordsmith's village chapter of the TV anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba"

Mr. Kajiura has written a lustrous, vivid, and powerful love song. Thank you for seeing a new side of us.
I cannot thank you enough for helping me and Mr. Milet sing and produce these wonderful songs.
Please enjoy the animation work.

Jean-Ken Johnny (MAN WITH A MISSION)
Yuki Kajiura
I was really looking forward to the start of the TV anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba" swordsmith's village chapter".
I am honored to have composed the lyrics for the song "Koikogare," which will be the ED of the work and will be performed by the too gorgeous lineup of "milet x MAN WITH A MISSION.
We hope you will enjoy the wonderful voice and performance of the band as well as the song!

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the cover is ... wild.
Thats actually the promo pic, the covers are lower (scroll down)


FP LE SRCL-12510.jpg


Regular Edition (CD only) SRCL-12510~1 .jpg

Anime (probably front cover)

Anime Edition front SRCL-12513~4.jpg

Anime Edition Back cover
Anime Edition back SRCL-12513~4.jpg
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Weeeell, FJ cover with exclusive (and better) arrengement when? FJ_Album_4? :)
To be fair, Aimer doesn't always feature instrumentals but the Kimetsu single had them... who knows...

The CD is supposed to be 6 tracks - two will probably be tv sizes so that leaves us with:
1) 2 new tracks
2) 1 new track and 1 remix (which is what their singles usually seem to be: 3 tracks + remix)
3) 1 extra track and 1 instrumental
4) 2 instrumentals

I figure chances of a 2nd Kajiura song are slim (although who knows with this late CD release maybe they have an insert song or something).
Instrumentals... well... I couldn't find a single of theirs that included any...
I did see a single with a "strings version" of a song included so maybe that's likely here???

I'd rather be surprised than disappointed, lol.

Edit: I guess there's also an option of 2 remixes with no new original song...

Edit: Confirmed wrong already.
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01. 絆ノ奇跡
02. コイコガレ
03. 絆ノ奇跡 -Instrumental-
04. コイコガレ -Instrumental-
05. 絆ノ奇跡 -TV ver.-
06. コイコガレ -TV ver.-

01. 絆ノ奇跡 Music Video
02.コイコガレ Music Video

01.テレビアニメ「鬼滅の刃」刀鍛冶の里編 ノンクレジットOP映像
02. テレビアニメ「鬼滅の刃」刀鍛冶の里編 ノンクレジットED映像
Just listened Koikogare. It resembles a lot to akeboshi, at least for me. I like it though
I know about her name in the credits, yeah, but is truly contributing?
Did someone listen to (new) kaji-music in episode 2?
I didnt check ep 2 yet but on that post if you click the number there are samples of Kajiura- sounding bgms from the 1st ep.
If she didnt contribute at all there wouldnt be credits about her.
I really like Koi Kogare. It's nice and unusual to hear this type of guitar riff in a Kajiura song (as well as male vocals, obviously). It would be interesting to know, who played the guitars here... Maybe both MWAM's guitarist and Korenaga?
I’ve listened to it a couple of times now, and I’ve decided that it’s fairly solid. Not one of Kajiura’s best rock songs, but I like the arrangement and the verses. Parts of the chorus are decent, as well. Milet’s better at rock than I thought she was (I’ve don’t care for a lot of of her songs), and MAN WITH A MISSION do a good job at holding the song together.

Sadly, my greatest problem is the pre-chorus, which just kinda sounds like Homura again. The first line is nice and rocking, but then “Homura 2” kicks in and I get annoyed. Also, parts of the chorus sound a tad too generic for my tastes.

The song’s still pretty good! I just don’t absolutely love it, especially as a successor to Asa ga Kuru (which I adore).