Go Shiina & (notsomuch) Yuki Kajiura to compose for Kimetsu no Yaiba (S4: Airing May 12)

Das a lot of Kajiura in one episode.
Hearing all these Koi kogare arrangements made me appreciate the song more hue. Just hope there's a FJ version in a future live.
And it seems it is indeed Joelle singing the kajiurago... I think?

So that's like a 50+ minute final episode? Dang. I guess with the first episode also being a double, it still was basically a 12episode worth of a season...

The final bluray comes out at the end of November it would seem.
Can't say I'm excited about the bluray tokutens - I think I only checked the Mitsuri PV above and that's super meh to me but here's hoping I'm surprised. Doubt there's any untz in Kimetsu.
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Das a lot of Kajiura in one episode.
Hearing all these Koi kogare arrangements made me appreciate the song more hue. Just hope there's a FJ version in a future live.
And it seems it is indeed Joelle singing the kajiurago... I think?
Sure its nice to have so many Kajiura tracks but why they all had to be based on the ED melody ? Back in FZ she had made multiple diferent tracks for the 2 island episodes. I wonder if all of them will be released in the tokuten CD.

@grunty: I also heard they already started working on the next season of the anime ^^

I think this is a countdown stream to the final episode? If I remember to save it tomorrow, I probably will... although I don't know if it matters much, since Kimetsu is getting all music released on CD, lol.

Also, TBH, it sounds like one track on loop to this uneducated-Shiina-nonfan, lol, but maybe it's like on KNK shiki birthdays where they play the same 10-20 minutes on loop for full 2 hours until moving on to another set... We'll find out in some 15 minutes...
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They've been playing some Kajiura in the last 40minutes loop (for maybe like 2 minutes of actual Kajimusic total).
At the moment they're playing soundtracks from the first episode in order, though in the current loop they played the first track and skipped to the second half of the episode.
on mega


Please don't quote my message, I'm going to remove this tomorrow.
These might be covering the first 8 episodes and I don't need ANIPLEX to get on our asses (even if they were the ones streaming it, lol).
Included are full sets extracted straight from youtube audio - I didn't bother splitting them.

I think the first BGM in Episode1 A-Part is the track at 6min in set1 but I edited the loop where there was more silence. Didn't bother checking the other episodes so it is what it is. Everything's getting released on the tokuten CD soundtracks.

If you aren't interested in Shiina, set9 has like 10 minutes of just Kajiura. Some single tracks in previous sets too, obviously (from skipping definitely near the end of set2, end of set5, middle of set6 nevermind, end of set8)
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Looks like someone is on a Fat loss diet 😁

Thanks grunty 😊

Is it me or Go Shiina's battle bgms sound more and more like the ones by Hiroyuki Sawano ? lol

The episode was great didnt expect Nezuko to survive the sun, and WTF this kind of surveillance by the arch-villain is so creepy, how could he know instantly what happened ? Poor Mitsuri survived for a split second lol so much for the episode episode dedicated to her last week :P
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Why bother? It's just 128kbit audio of what will get released in 4 months on CD... (the first 2sets in the upcoming days...)
Granted, I imagine the CDs will probably come with excessive range compression and mastering courtesy of Chinone but that's probably still better than this 128kbit stream garbo with hard cut endings on tracks...
Yes, it will be released in a better quality and even she could be doing some cool mix for the standalone OST buuuut why wait if I just can listen to it when I want. I don't mind the quality (by now).

Btw, no Kajiura BGM detected in the last ep?
Kajiura's Village Arc entries from JASRAC (as of disc6/ep11/fin):

285-1013-5 M 18(刀鍛冶の里編#1) 梶浦 由記
285-1014-3 M 21(刀鍛冶の里編#1) 梶浦 由記
285-1015-1 M 23(刀鍛冶の里編#1) 梶浦 由記
285-1016-0 M 24(刀鍛冶の里編#1) 梶浦 由記
288-2024-0 M 12(刀鍛冶の里編#4) 梶浦 由記
288-2025-8 M 4(刀鍛冶の里編#5) 梶浦 由記
291-4766-2 M 12(刀鍛冶の里編#9) 梶浦 由記
291-4767-1 M 11(刀鍛冶の里編#9) 梶浦 由記
291-8731-1 M 1(刀鍛冶の里編#10) 梶浦 由記
291-8733-8 M 2(刀鍛冶の里編#10) 梶浦 由記
291-8734-6 M 3(刀鍛冶の里編#10) 梶浦 由記
291-8735-4 M 4(刀鍛冶の里編#10) 梶浦 由記
291-8737-1 M 5(刀鍛冶の里編#10) 梶浦 由記
291-8738-9 M 6(刀鍛冶の里編#10) 梶浦 由記
291-8741-9 M 7(刀鍛冶の里編#10) 梶浦 由記
291-8742-7 M 8(刀鍛冶の里編#10) 梶浦 由記
291-8743-5 M 9(刀鍛冶の里編#10) 梶浦 由記
291-8744-3 M 10(刀鍛冶の里編#10) 梶浦 由記
291-8745-1 M 11(刀鍛冶の里編#10) 梶浦 由記
291-8747-8 M 12(刀鍛冶の里編#10) 梶浦 由記
291-8748-6 M 13(刀鍛冶の里編#10) 梶浦 由記
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Well, eh...
I liked Shiina's M1 as well as parts of M4 (for whatever reason the mood and middle solo made me reminisce about Takanashi's JigokuShoujo/Ayakashi/MoNoNoKe soundtracks; don't like the vocal parts at all)... and then Kajiura's M21 (but short AF) and the first half of Shiina's M25.

Couldn't care less for the rest, TBH.
It's not even that M23 and M24 are bad but they're so short that you can find longer tracks of similar nature on other YK soundtracks. Maybe for M21 too, but I somehow still enjoyed that one enough that it didn't make me think of other OSTs.
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