Fena: Pirate Princess: OST & OP & Taiyou no Kouro ENG ver in Junna's "Dear"

Anyone able to provide a download (320K mp3 or FLAC) for the route of the sun english version? It's been devilishly difficult trying to track it down.
It's difficult - Joelle is one of the few who are truly fluent in Japanese and English, but lyric translation isn't just translating meaning.
I never said I thought it was easy. The two Fena songs in English ver just seem really jank to me.
There's no instrumental for Taiyou no Kouro there from what I can see.
Umi to Shinju instrumental has been available since the CD single. v( '')v
Someone was kind enough to post JUNNA's Dear album with scans on nyaa and I don't think anyone posted Taiyou no Kouro credits yet, so here:

太陽の航路 / the route of the sun

produce, all keyboards & programming: 梶浦由記
co-producer: 森 康哲(HIGHWAY STAR)

electric guitar: 是永巧一
acoustic guitar: 田代耕一郎
drums: 佐藤強一
bass: 高橋"jr."知治
cello: 西方正輝
chorus (太陽の航路): 貝田由里子
chorus (the route of the sun): Joelle

recording & mixing engineer: 小岩孝志
assistant director: 梯 拓哉(HIGHWAY STAR)
musicians coordination: 須藤一男(HOT WAVE)

The credits for Umi to Shinju are the same as the ones I posted from the single booklet on the previous page, except the single includes individual strings credits, while the album does not.