Fena: Pirate Princess: OST & OP & Taiyou no Kouro ENG ver in Junna's "Dear"

I'm surprised no one has left a comment on the song already.

Somehow they f* up with this release. Why not sharing it (or at least the new) the same day as the broadcast, and why did they choose the same day as "Umi to Shinju" MV without doing a double MV (UtS transition to TnK can work well) or at least double upload? Weird.

Anyway, I like it.
I enjoy this acoustic verse with good-sounding guitar and drums esp.
Transition to the refrain well-executed.
Refrain just powerful enough, not too much, really like the arrangement here with distinct layers.
Transition to the verse smooth, not abrupt, thanks to the cello. Good idea!
Interlude is really part of the song here. Kajiurago (or english? I can hear "far away") is by Yuriko?
Even the ending feels inspired. A good way to end the show and leave them alone on their adventures.

Both a relaxing and powerful song, and really different from all the songs she has done lately.
Lyrics are very positive too. Refreshing like the sea, both for us and Kajiura herself I guess.
imo she needs more powerhouse singers like JUNNA. Hoping for more songs in the future!
I just listened to it. Its really energetic and hopeful and happy song, and in style it reminds me of Mune no Yukue. :w00t:

Apart from new lyrics and some more chorus it doesnt have much more than what we were given in the tv-size.

Im guessing Yuriko is on chorus but its junna too, at least in the beginning.

The cello was a nice surprise as in those kind of songs most composers (and even Kajiura) put e-guitar (see muno no yukue)

When will Kajiura swap Sato Kyoichi for someone bettter ? He seems to randomly smash those drums throughout the refrains, or maybe my headphones are really bad suddenly.
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I think the transition to the 2nd verse is still somewhat jarring but other than that it's very fun. The variety in JUNNA's delivery is also pretty good. Really like the entire ending, too.
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Like Umi to Shinju, I feel like this is another "fresh" sounding song. I really like the whole thing. Though I wish Joelle had sing the English bridge. I agree with George that the cello is unexpected. Knowing Kajiura, I would've expected flute.

Oh and it's out at HnA.
Its Yuriko Kaida and i dont know. I managed to get Yuriko's Vocals with audacity but the drumming/guitar is still present and i still cant hear what she says :( Also managed to get Junna without Yuriko n instruments but cant get Yuriko without instruments :(

Its something about " wave (??) of wind and calling (??) of the sun", and then something about "far away" though
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If i remember well some few artists are hsving in their albums bonus discs with instrumentals of the tracks of the album, so hope isnt completely lost yrt
Nah. It's lost to me.
I'm not going to expect something rare like that to happen.

... back to revising Banitas bgm rip pack before s2 starts. Damn those 3 or 4 SFX tracks...
So, I felt like leaving a short review because I forgot to a couple weeks back. Anyways, I really like the song. It was a nice way to end the show and is just generally really fun. The fast chorus really makes the song energetic, and I do enjoy Junna’s voice.

Also, here’s my ranking for the 2021 collaborations!

1. Wonderland
2. Akeboshi
3. Taiyou no Kouro
4. Shirogane
5. Umi to Shinjū.

I’m excited for Asa ga Kuru’s release!
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Wow, I’ve worked straight for all but two days since December 14 (just to come straight home to sleep) and went completely unaware of the digital release! I can’t even buy it yet, but I’m just glad the soundtrack is on iTunes . . . I’d love to put a review up too, but I feel hella late. I just can’t wait for these vocal tracks, most of which I remember adoring from watching the show and seem to be getting continued praise!

Oh, and @Justisamuel , I’ll probably be glad to try and make some dance covers for you in my free time!!!
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For people into curiosities.

4 pre-OST-mastered tracks from bluray menus, including vise versa (sadly all only 16bit for some reason).
Tried to match the OST's volume with Replay Gain.

I personally like the sound of Fena's OST mastering (sans the odd drop above 22kHz in the hirez I checked but it's not like I can hear those frequencies anyway...) so I'm not going to be arguing which is better but I'm always here for different sounding curiosities like this. ^_^
what she was here for
edit v1 - no flute for the last 40sec;

unfortunately the new parts are 16bit - seems like FlyingDog went with 16bit audio for the entire bluray, not just menus;
despite the differences in OST mastering, I think I managed to get the OST/bluray cut sound pretty good - to my ears at least;
the ending fadeout isn't perfect but shouldn't be an issue unless you're listening to the track way louder than you should be;
not sure if there will be a v2 but who knows... like I said some time ago I don't think there's a way to get that middle flute part to my liking...

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