Fena: Pirate Princess: OST & OP & Taiyou no Kouro ENG ver in Junna's "Dear"

... and yes. I still think the director had the right idea muting the flute in both the middle and the ending. I am still angry at the album version.
Finally received the disc.

Musician & Staff

海と真珠 / the sea and a pearl
Produce, ALL Keyboards & Programming: 梶浦由記
Co-Producer: 森康哲(HIGHWAY STAR)

Electric Guitar: 是永巧一
Drums: 佐藤強一
Bass: 高橋"jr."知治

Strings: 今野均ストリングス
1st Violin: 今野均・徳永友美
2nd Violin: 岡部磨知・亀田夏絵
Viola: 菊地幹代・大沼幸江
Cello: 西方正輝・稲本有彩

Chorus: 貝田由里子
English ver. Chorus: Joelle

Recording & Mixing Engineer: 小岩孝志
Mixing Studio: SIGN SOUND
Assistant Director: 梯拓哉(HIGHWAY STAR)
Musician Coordination: 須藤一男(HOT WAVE)



Mastering Engineer: 袴田剛史

I didn't bother with credits for non-Kajiura tracks. Though for anyone who cares - Korenaga is playing on ROCK YOU, ROCK ME.
I prelistened the first ten tracks of Fena on YouTube. It isn't a bad OST, and has its sparkling and funny-ish moments (for a YK OST) and a freshness to it (bringing Dragon Quest to my mind on occasion), but it failed to woo my attention enough to commit myself to a purchase.

Well, I have bought only a few YK OSTs that date from past decade: the entire F/Z, Spring Song, the entire SAO + OS + most of Alicization, and Princess Principal.

They're all pretty good, well OS and PP I've played through only once. F/Z is one of my most played YK albums.

In YK's music, maybe what I like the most are percussion, synth work, rhythms, melodies, operatic melodrama, weird arrangements, darkness/sense of dread, and sentimentality. Conversely, too long compositions, funny compositions, or too minimalist or more mainstream compositions usually don't produce enjoyment. To me, it's a plus if a piece is generic if that means "the familiar YK stuff/approach".
Anyways, even if you don't want to commit to a purchase you could probably finish the OST on youtube. I feel it checks all of your boxes really (though to varying extents)... except maybe "dankness" (of Fate/Zero).
"Dear" is the opening for the new MAGUS BRIDE season2 anime.

Surprisingly, only on the Limited Edition the album also features an English version of "Taiyou no Kouro" - "the route of the sun". Too bad no instrumental. 7000 yen is too much for that one track and credits in the booklet so I'll pass.

Also, looking at the cover for the digital "Taiyou no Kouro" again, the English lyrics seem jank like "the sea and a pearl".
Sorry i didnt notice before posting ^^;

Btw so surprised, its been ages since they were including whole live concerts in BDs coming with albums. Both Junna and FJ do it now. I guess due to pandemic ?
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I think uta-net carry official subs (though sometimes typos happen). I don't have a source to support that information though. ;p

Now I'm not an English speaking native but methinks Kajiura needs to find someone other than Joelle for English translations.
Now I'm not an English speaking native but methinks Kajiura needs to find someone other than Joelle for English translations.

It's difficult - Joelle is one of the few who are truly fluent in Japanese and English, but lyric translation isn't just translating meaning.
I remember when Akiko Shikata made Harmonia she had sent the lyrics to be translated in the various languages she wanted them to, and the greek songs were translated by a turkish institute 😅
I dunno, they seem fine? Not better or worse than Kajiura's English.

Did Emily ever translate or rework the lyrics?

Aw shiet, HnA has the album but it doesn't include Route of the sun.
ngl the English lyrics do have a somewhat Kajiura flair to it. Like it's not great, but it's not bad. Maybe Joelle translated the lyrics with "how Kajiura would write English lyrics" in mind lol

Iirc what Emily has done was just providing the English lyrics (not translating it)?