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I have reached Yuki nirvana

george1234 said:
They offically announce some of the new staff, Yuki between them





They say she did great music for Kara no Kyoukai :dote:
Of course :glasses:
You know, ufotable has quite a number of projects this year: Minori Scramble!, Fate/Zero, Gyo and recently they announced Sakura no Ondo. These are the ones that I remembered...Maybe Sakura no Ondo? hehehe


I have reached Yuki nirvana
fate/stay night is a nice anime (coz it's one of my favorites)
fans would finally be happier now to see the prequel as an anime.i mean the flash backs at fate/stay night kind a brought me curious about it.

i'm so excited to see fate/zero esp that lovely yuki is in charge of the music.it's a perfect match^^

i wish FictionJunction should do it though
yuriko kaida+kaori nishina+yuri and it would be lovely if yuki would join in too
yuuka-chan singing kajiuran lyrics

kajiurago/kajiuran would best fit fate/zero esp the theme of the anime :shy:

Nick Hunter

I have reached Yuki nirvana
yuuka-chan singing kajiuran lyrics
A track like Margaret, and I'll die a happy man... :nosebleed:
Still, around Sony/Aniplex, the chances for FictionJunction appearing as a whole are rather slim. Although RHH2 and Madoka showed that Yuki can easily bring over the singers she worked with under Victor/Flying Dog, one by one.


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
i like fate/ stay night too :D
(i think i;ve already forgotten the story though :uh..: )

I'm expecting that yuki's going to use yuri in this anime
+KAORI too. I wish :D


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Yup. Full orchestra is definitely the best choice to go. Ideally, a fully complemented, large 110-piece modern orchestra (*literally* with all the bells and whistles).


I have reached Yuki nirvana
yeah a full orchestra would really fit the anime (i wonder what she's gonna compose for saber) XD


I have reached Yuki nirvana

They are trying hard to make it look coherent with kara no kyoukai, similar effects in PVs and all, lol.


Dripping with Kajiura
The beginning is good, then it became crazy/noisy (drums+strong voices+strings). I wonder if this is a special music or if it's a BGM for the episodes; I wasn't expecting samples until summer, lol.

george1234 said:
It sounds like Hanae
I think it's Yuriko (with Wakana).