Chiaki Ishikawa

Chiaki Ishikawa uploaded a video of a song, Waldeinsamkeit, from her November 2021 concert to her fan club area on her web site, it will be on youtube from 24 December 2021.
Somehow I missed the re-uploads of Prototype and Uninstall PV's:


Uninstall: (Bokurano OP)


First Pain: (Element Hunters OP)

「不完全燃焼」 (Kamisama Dolls OP)

「美しければそれでいい」 (SIMOUN OP)
Copy of what I wrote in chat last night about yesterday's concert:

"We had The Giving Tree, Kamisama Dolls OP and ED, Ruisen, Cloudy, Mislead, I'll Kiss You, Uninstal, and a bunch of newer songs that I don't remember the titles of."

There was a guitarist, bass player and keyboard player and backing tracks but as per most of her lives the arrangements were new.

Chiaki-san's voice was perfect and she did some talking but not a huge lot.

Otemachi Mitsui hall was really nice and I was in 3rd row.

My friend who understands Japanese said that Chiaki-san did not know how much longer she can continue to do live shows but she will continue as long as she can.