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I have reached Yuki nirvana
It's rather a surprise to realize we still don't have a thread for Chiaki's solo works. But on a happy day, having found a whole album by her, it's high time, I believe. :sohappy:

Bokurano ED album - Vermillion

As usual, check the link and trace it (yeah the site owner is a smart pant, with that anti-direct-linking system of his :knife: ). And enjoy! Chiaki is a wonderful songwriter, not only a wonderful singer.

Oh, minna-san, when you look at the scans, could you check the text? Is that really Yuki mentioned in several lines (including Special Thanks), or does the Japanese writing trick me? :ayashii:
I don't see her mentioned.
My favorite track is Uninstall (Bokurano OP) :dote:
we had NO thread about Chiaki Ishikawa?!? o.O
i like all her solo songs, especially Uninstall, Utsukushibkereba sore de ii and Lost Innocence

the Uninstall video is funny, she stands in front of a window and sings "Uninstall, Uninstall" :XD:

one correction:
the name of the album you found is "Boku wa mada nanimo shiranai", i have no idea why everyone says "Vermillion"~.~

Yuki is not mentioned in the scans
I have no idea either... :desksweat:
Hey, I thought she was sitting in the video. :ayashii:
btw, are there any other PVs by her?
there is only "making of" but no real PVs - at least i don't know of them

I'm more interested if anybody has her "MAGNOLIA" album that she released under name Somali - i'm searching for that one as mad but all i could find were samples at this page :desksweat:

i have magnolia, but in 80kbps :desksweat:
anyone has it in higher quality? :aww:
waaaa..... be happy you even have it >.< .... can you upload it... i don't care the 8'0 rip (daaah 320kbps would be a dream) as long as i at least have it >.<

she sung the insert theme (Namida) which is in boku wa mada nanimo shiranai (i love the Cover of the single *-* it's one of my wallpapers)

the ending (ai no tsurugi) is by takako and the crazy boys
Actually the first solo song by Chiaki I heard was "Like an angel" (Mermaid forest OP). As far as I know, her latest work for anime is "1/2'' in "You're under arrest" (apparently some fresh tv or ova, no idea what, but the song is gorgeous).
wooot I didn't listen to them because there are not composed by Yuki ._.


Maybe I should
Yes you should! ^^ I simply adore "uninstall". Anyone ever heard a Vocaloid singing it? :))
i heard it in that really long medley of a million japanese music memes from nico, sung by miku :XD: the one that had "nowhere" in it too :3
:sohappy: :sohappy: :nophoto: :sohappy: :sohappy:
Bow to me :3
Read my post agian very carefully... help yourself with the mouse XD

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