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Chiaki Ishikawa

Another live show about to start. Art and Music shows include a guest for conversation, this time the guest is Manzo, bass player and producer and singer who has worked with Halko Momoi, Lisa Komine and Yuuka Nanri.
Concert was 5pm to 7pm. Good humour again from Chiaki-san who wore a red dress with short black puffed sleeves and a hat.

2 new songs, with the first possibly being the one recently written for Nagi Yanagi. All the backing tracks appeared to be remixes/rearrangements with live vocals similar but different from previous lives and studio recordings.

The auditorium was quite chilly as Chiaki-san had warned of in an earlier tweet which was a welcome relief from the heat.

Songs included TW, the Kamisama Dolls insert song, Cloudy, the Gundam00 movie theme. Clear and unstrained singing throughout.

The dancer from a previous live appeared during 2 song performances, and Manzo appeared for a chat with Chiaki-san also.

A good atmosphere between Chiaki-san and the audience made for an great evening.
Quick concert report:

Chiaki Ishikawa was in good health and spirits, had a pianist (same one as the live clip of TW on YouTube from 2013?) and an electronic keyboard / sequencer player.

Intro piece (not a complete song)
Heavenly Blue
ティル・ナ・ローグ (starts with chorus wa wa wa wa wo)
不完全燃焼 Kamisama Dolls op
何を泣くなんの涙 (newer song with verse ending in Namida)
読む (song with watashi no watashi ni)
Dolphin in the sand
Strawberry Pain (first live version by Chiaki-san, written by her for an IdolMaster project)
First Pain
来世で会いましょう(newer song with deshou in chorus)
Encore 僕の空に季節はずれの雪が降る (song with bokuno in title)
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
You know, seeing stages with full scenography, not relying on LEDs and overdone lighting (obviously I don't know how the lighting was here from the photo) is always so refreshing.
As we suspected and hoped for, after Chiaki Ishikawa sang the Kamisama Dolls OP and Uninstall at Flying Dog live (with Jr, Kyoichi Sato and Koichi Korenaga), a keyboard was brought to the centre of the stage and Yuki Kajiura joined them for Anna ni Issho Data no ni. Yuki Kajiura announced the musicians and Chiaki Ishikawa announced Yuki Kajiura, then they left giving each other a palm to palm touch and exited via the same door.
Besides the 20th April 2019 concert, Chiaki Ishikawa has announced lives on 21st July 2019 (art and music) and 16th November 2019 (25th anniversary concert in Yokohama).

At this stage I won't be able to attend on 21st July 2019.
Another good concert, Chiaki-san had a bass player, guitarist and "band master" who controlled backing music.

Set list:

Respect Me
First Pain
House (tbc)
来世で会いましょう ? (newer song with shrill chorus)
(unreleased new song from Sengoku Basara, complex up-tempo sound)
Mukei no Outline (Self cover of the song written for Nagi Yanagi)
(Kamisama Dolls ED)
(Gundam 00 the movie insert song)

3 or 4 of the songs had long introductions, with the entire concert being just over 2 hours long.
Chiaki-san was enjoying the performances and was in good humour as usual in the MC's.

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