Yuki Kajiura Live vol.#14 ~25th Anniversary Special~ (June 30 – July 22, 2018)


Yuri's setlist and her performance are so awesome today. We have Point zero, The flower will bloom, The world is tumbling down, The battle is to the strong, and ends with Salva nos! It's like a YuriXFate series Special.

The world is tumbling down is a new arrangement with Yuri's operatic part added. Correct me if I forgot sth.
Maihama concert tonight started the same as the Osaka concert.
After LA and Canta per Me, Fiction, Vanity, Key of the Twilight, Every time you kissed me, then Kasahara-san for Point Zero, the flowers will bloom, the world is tumbling down, the battle is to the strong, salva nos, encores the world and sweet song.
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MADLAX completely snubbed yet again. Why no places of the holy? YYYYYY? :|

Also surprised they didn't do something from Madoka with Yuri.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Oooh The flower will bloom, and The battle is to the strong by Kasahara.

B-but red rose...
Maybe they didn't perform Red Rose because of no uillean pipes. Not like that stopped them from performing Cynical world before, hue.

Spirica Rose

Parallel Heart
Expected, though still a bit disappointed by Materialise not being performed, but wasn't expecting the battle is to the strong, the flowers will bloom, and the world is tumbling down. Shame there hasn't been any hint of recording equiment, but understandable why.



  • overture~Theme Song ※
  • lancer and assassin
  • MC-1
  • longing
  • delete
  • shadows and fog
  • MC-2
  • moonlight melody
  • everlasting song
  • MC-3 (お題コーナー歌い手Ver)
  • まだダメよ(Live Ver)
  • dream scape
  • Calling
  • 花守の丘
  • L.A.
  • canta per me
  • MC-4 (お題コーナーFBMVer)
  • Fiction
  • vanity
  • key of the twilight
  • everytime you kissed me
  • Point Zero
  • the flower will bloom
  • MC-5 (お題コーナー笠原さんVer)
  • the world is tumbling down
  • the battle is too the strong
  • salva nos
  • En: the world
  • En MC
  • En Sweet Song
※2016年公開の「爵跡(L.O.R.D)」のエンディングクレジットを見る限りでは、Joelleさん歌唱は、Theme Song(Kajiura Language)の記載とWe Fall in Loveの記載があります。


It was an honour and absolute pleasure! I'd also like to add that 90% of those flowers (Gerbera (especially those orangy yellow ones!!)/Eustoma) symbolise 'hope' and 'love'. When I asked Smiley if she could kindly request the florist to arrange the flower stand using these two specific species I didn't expect it to be so nicely done. Thank you very, very much. Mushi was very, very happy.

It's a shame that I couldn't come today (I really really wanted to hear Itou-san singing LIVE) but I'll be at the amphitheatre on the 15th. Looking forward (*shivering with joy*) to submerging myself in Kasahara-san's majestic and abyss-like voice... (*’▽’*)
Glad to have met you!


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Niiiice! :w00t:

For the dictionary-curious:

株式会社FictionJunction Msuic[sic] / 梶浦由記

[EDIT: fixed typo. If you were fast enough to paste it into Google Translate and you saw that she finished the performance with an injury, that was the typo. No injury. Just my fingers!]
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
So now it's an "Inc." too, lulz. TBH with that photo it kind of looks like a music school advert or something...


she needs to be more careful writing "music" lol ( was just below, in the logo, too lol)
but it sure is a cute message :dote:
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