Yuki Kajiura Live vol.#14 ~25th Anniversary Special~ (June 30 – July 22, 2018)

Spirica Rose

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Yep, it's definitely Wakana.
Interesting. I did think that 'yabuhii' part sounded a bit different, but I thought it was related to the recording. Today I learned lol
It's definitely Yuriko main, and I guess it's Kaori singing the second voice. Which probably means Kaori is also second voice with Wakana on 1:13.
I admit I'm not used to hearing Kaori sing in the upper part of her range. Are there any clearer performances the showcase her range?
Interesting that Yuriko lead moonlight melody when Asuka wasn't there. Also, it seems that Hanamori no Oka was performed.

I hope like they did all those years ago we get some kind of digest from their performance at Anime Expo. It's better than nothing.


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Why ask me? lol.
Did you do it for all earlier concerts? Do you care that it wouldn't be consistent?


@grunty: I didnt do it in the past except some guest songs, but now compared to the past the vocalists are quite different, so it would be useful to have the vocal breakdown as reference.
@Spirica Rose oh ill check it out :)


Live goods sales start at 4:00 pm for Osaka and 14:30 at Maihama.
And not accept overseas credit cards
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I already met Smiley and Kuuga in the line. We can hear their rehearsal so clear from here. Until now, I've heard
The begining of the end, IMLFCS, Open your heart, Red rose, Salva Nos, Sweet song, Winter, Awake, Canta per me and Cynical world.[\SPOILER]
Joelle's voice is super awesome...TwT.