Yuki Kajiura Live vol.#14 ~25th Anniversary Special~ (June 30 – July 22, 2018)

Damn, Revo ? At least announce soms new collab already, otherwise whats the point of this ? He is basically doing nothing for the past few years and his last release and concert was that half assed Attack on Titan mini album
Setlist 7/22/18 Tokyo Sun Plaza (from @Kugayama in chat)

Vocal: Aira Yuuki/ASUKA, Yuriko Kaida, Kaori, Joelle, Hanae Tomaru, Remi, Eri Itou, Yuri Kasahara, REVO, Yuki Kajiura

1 L.O.R.D. Theme
2 Lancer and Assassin
3 longing
4 Shadows and fog
5 Fiction
6 forest
7 Key of the twilight
8 everytime you kissed me
9 Lotus
10 Himeboshi / Ensei
11 She has to overcome her fear
12 Rainbow theme
13 moon and shadow
14 Hanamori no Oka
15 everlasting song
16 Mada Dame Yo
17 Credens Justitam
18 a song of storm and fire
19 ring your song
20 Point zero
21 the battle is to the strong
22 salva nos
23 maybe tomorrow
24 Sajin no Kanata e
25 open your heart

EDIT: Adding 1-8
EDIT: Adding MC/Encore
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To be fair, it IS a good song, and Revo is still not too bad.

However, he probably (unfortunately) wasn't what most were /thinking of/hoping for.
^ it was actually super boring the only cool part was Kasahara's intro. Sand dream is better but gets too repeatitive.

Revo has done amazing work on the SH songs up to Moira, and also at the Bravely default OST but after that he got super lazy and uninspired. Marchen was meh and Nein wasnt bad but everything else including that Sailor Moon Crystal song was forgetful and uninspired. And after Guren no Yumiya 2+ Arrangements i ve gotten tired of it.
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Despite the the lack of more surprises on the setlist, this is a generous combination of singers, and I would be thrilled if this were released on video.
Darn, no cameras. :( Part of me hopes they at least recorded the audio, but I'm guessing Spacecraft had helped with whatever was released in the past, so maybe they now can't afford a new release yet?

Also, didn't see this brought up: the new FJ club was announced as 'Fictionjunction Station' and signups have started
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There are reports saying that Revo made an appearance as a secret guest at tonight's Yuki Kajiura concert!
Apparently he performed Sajin no Kanata e, but we're currently unsure if it was just with Kajiura or with other songstresses present at the concert.
Revo seemingly appeared and descended down the stairs just as his and Kajiura's duet was about to begin. During the MC they talked about how Dream Port happened 10 years ago, Revo advertised the upcoming BD release and said they'll meet again at Kajiura's 50th anniversary live!

[Triumph of Linked Horizon Live Tour "Shingeki no Kiseki" Assembly of All Members] Blu-ray will be released on October 26th, 2018! Regular Edition: 7,000 yen+tax Limited Edition: 15,000 yen+tax Made-to-order special edition: 55,000 yen+tax

^ this is the said release

(LMAO on 50th anniversary Kajiura will be 77 (?) what is he saying haha, by what the description saids he just revised 4 of the song's last stanzas, talk about a lazy dude haha)

Sidenote: lookong at that BD release i noticed that Ceui is now part of Linked Horizon. But Ceui has plagiarised 2 of Kajiura's songs, namely Honoh no Tobira and Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru. How can Revo be appearing in YK's live with a straight face ?


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So I supposed that Sajin no Katae was a song that all vocalists and musicians performed together, just like Open your heat in live10? If it's the case, I think it's a better choice compared to Open your heart. I think it's interesting to see Joelle, Hanae, Eri (and Asuka?) joining in.