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Yuki Kajiura/FictionJunction YUUKA will take part in "FlyingDog 10th Anniversary Live"


I have reached Yuki nirvana
She performs for first time after years just for 2 songs of course she wouldnt get a new dress for 10 mins
Even though many singers have performed with new dresses each time they perform only 1 song on stage, I can't deny this logic. Plus it's not like she's going to wear that new dress often if they made her one :p fj only got 1 dress per 1 ykl after all.

Terry Tsurugi

Roses at her doorstep
Maybe one of the Kalafina girls could have lent her one of their thousands of dresses, since they’re just gathering dust now.


i have it. Is the streaming for everyone or restricted within japan ? I have the messenger app but the live one inst available in my play store Screenshot_20190307-180517.png

You can find it here though

(To install you need prior to downloading to go to chrome app permissions -from phone settings- and allow installation from "unknown sources".)

After installation use ur line account to login and use the link on the post before to follow the flyingdog channel.
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I ll try, screen recording is possible, i just hope they wont have some recording notification warning ala snapchat.


I like Yuki
If you got the whole event it'd probably be best to cut out the Chiaki/YK segments so people can decide whether they want to download the whole thing or just the part they're interested in, yes?


^ Ι dont have it yet, it streams tomorrow :P Anyway my phone capacity isnt unlimited. If you want anyone else other than YK and chiaki please say it beforehand.