Yuki Kajiura and Kalafina girls left Spacecraft (confirmed)



Kuroiyuki on twitter (I believe it's yuki88 who used to be a member here?) said that spacecraft is currently searching for someone to produce for Kalafina, but she's hoping that her reading comprehension is wrong.


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Source? (I mean about Spacecraft searching, I did see Kuroiyuki's tweet)

@george1234 Small correction. It's not yet known what will happen with Kalafina and the FJ girls, let me translate this one: https://twitter.com/Fion0806/status/966191546965078016

"As for the singers from the same office and Kalafina, that I'm grateful to [for our cooperation] so far... my place will change, so things will not be the same as now, but my feeling that I want to keep supporting them with my poor ability from now on does not change"


@yuki.n I don't know... I want to ask her but we don't follow each other and my twitter is protected, too lazy to unprotect it lol afaik there's no article mentioning it so idk she's always been so resourceful


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Also off topic:
Not going to lie that next tweet comparing Kalafina without Kajiura to Fate stay night/UBW without Kajiura and "Fake, Kajiura style-imposter" got me TRIGGERED.
https://twitter.com/KuroiYuki88/status/966251567266414593 said:
Without Kajiura's music it will never be Kalafina. It would feel a lot like how Fate UBW's OST: Fake, Kajiura-style imposter.
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We thought about this while chatting with @yuki.n but Harmony's creation might have something to do with all this. The news about the Harmony fanclub creation were around March 15, 2017, around a year ago, and considering that Kalafina released for the whole 2017 only 1 totally new single, (into the world/ marchen was basically a delayed release) and the other releases were things to keep fans hyped, we can assume that maybe she had already decided since a year ago to quit spacecraft and they either made harmony to safeguard the majority of the FJC fans who were Kalafina fans, so that Yuki Kajiura could leave spacecraft without too much of an impact, or its creation by spacecraft was one of the reasons that made Kajiura want to leave.
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Yeah, I was talking about Harmony being created because of the impeding closure of FJC in the chat earlier. The original articles said something about the person whom Kajiura didn't get on with joining late 2016 so it's possible.

Also the movie announcement and the original article about this news were on the same day, which makes me think that there's something in the movie which talks about this. The movie was already announced to be discussing the future of Kalafina and I suspect it'll be at least partly talking about Kajiura's departure as their producer.


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And lmao @ the fate ubw comparison. Why.

Another unpopular opinion: i'm all for other composers composing for Kalafina (not surprising) and i'm all for the girls to take a break from performing/releasing something. Taking a break means Hikaru could learn how to sing properly again and/or to get treatments if she really has vocal nodule problem. Wakana and Keiko could also take the opportunity to improve their techniques.


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For which animu? Heaven's feel?
No idea. Not mentioned in the article. http://animefestival.jp/ja/post/8467/

I know how it feels to leave a company because they're making your life difficult. You do feel bad for those coworkers you appreciate, but you end up thinking that your own sanity is more important. You do feel bad for their project being much worse off after you're gone, but they can still be very happy for you for getting the [insult] out of that [insult]hole finding a job that makes you feel happier.

Also, you start planning things well in advance. First it's only in your head, then you tell a couple of people you trust, then you start investigating your other options, generally it's a really long way until you give your official notice - and even then, most of your colleagues still don't know. And all these things must have happened way before we heard the rumour in December.

After you're gone, even though the whole process made you tired, you feel so refreshed, so energetic and creative... Which is definitely a good thing for us.
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So I'm curious, what do you guys think will happen with Kalafina? It said that "their status will change" in the ANN article Kowz mentioned, but I'm not sure what this means. I get that it's deliberately vague because as far as we know, nothing is set in stone. I hope, if they sign with a new producer, it's someone good who won't turn them into some idol sh*t. I think we'll know when the 10th anni movie comes out, because it seems they stressed talking about the future. Perhaps an album announcement along with it, as either the last release fully produced by Kajiura, or first release with a new producer (not counting the single songs). As for FJ, perhaps we'll see more releases on that side of things, since Kajiura won't be focusing all her resources on Kalafina anymore? The simultaneous announcement of the vol 14 lives is a good sign. Only thing I would be worried about with that would be Wakana & Keiko being overworked with both FJ and Kala


@Westkana I'll try to keep my positive attitude and think of this as a chance for the girls to try different music style. We may be able to get an album where half of the songs are composed by Kajiura but the other half are by other people with their own style. I hope that they will keep that harmony of the girls because that's why I follow them for so long.

I'm also concerned about the dual members. If FJ gets more active, will their schedule clash with Kalafina? Wakana and Keiko would have to choose and I'm afraid it will cause discomfort between them or something.

But as I said, let's hope for the best. xD