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Υour CD collection! XD


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Yes, they do. Problem with Surugu-ya is it's a secondhand store and they rarely have any actual photos of the goods. If there's major damage they usually have a photo, but unless its something big they won't bother, so there's no real way of telling. The only place I know for a fact folds posters is HMV, never pre-order from them. I haven't had it happen to me, but I know some people got their Budokan BD order bonus posters folded from HMV, and I've seen people get preorder bonus ClariS posters folded from there too.

Good luck with the shirts, getting them all is exactly what I'm trying to do. Budget actually isn't too much of a problem (unless you're against me, heh) as 90% of the secondhand shirts I've gotten have been well below RRP. The Progressive+ shirt I have cost me 540 yen for example.

If you'd mentioned wanting a Kagayaku one a few weeks back I could've linked you to one of the staff replica ones for 2500, the seller I got mine from had two in stock. The other one seems to have gone now, however. Which Consolation one are you talking about anyway? There's four different designs that could be classified as Consolation. Do you mean the purple one?

My grail item for Kalafina as a whole is still a Door shirt, but I'm also trying to find Progressive, Red Day and Moonfesta designs.

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I'm willing to risk the lack of an actual picture, mostly because I've had good luck with suruga-ya so far and the prices are pretty reasonable for what you end up getting. I just didn't want to get one and then find out it was folded, since I've heard of that issue with HMV preorders. Thanks for that info!

Thanks. Good luck to you too! I'm not much of a competitor. I don't have a job yet, so I'm just working off of gift money I have set aside atm. The shirts I've gotten have been below the original price to, luckily (2 Kala and maybe 1 FJ). They're fun to hunt for!

Aww man. That stinks. I wish I did mention it earlier. :( For the Consolation one, I kinda meant the tour in general, but referring to the different song shirts, yeah I meant the purple one.

Hope you are able to find those! I love the moonfesta design too. I have the red day one, but the red not black version.


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Surugu-ya is generally pretty good, yes. Can't say I've had any issues with them so far. And indeed, there's a lot of cheap stuff on there. I just wish they'd confirm orders faster, waiting for a week without knowing if you've obtained something is horrible.

The Consolation Tour shirts are some of the best around. I love the logo crest thing they have for the tour (I have potential plans to do things with that...), plus the Door, Moonfesta and Hanataba designs are gorgeous. The Mirai, al fine, Consolation, Yume no Daichi (I have never seen this anywhere either, just like Door) and Kiichigo ones are nice, too. In retrospect whilst I don't care much for the Manten design, I should've picked up one of those whilst I had the chance. Oh well. I'm just disappointed that the Hikari Furu design doesn't show up well, if they'd darkened the shirt itself or made the print white, it'd have been beautiful. I was really hoping they'd do a similar thing for the FotW songs, but instead we got phone cases and towels that I won't bother with. Pity, the Usumurasaki and Monochrome designs especially would've made lovely shirts.

I really do hope I can at least find a Door one one day. Knowing my luck I'll eventually find it and it'll be a small, which I'm sure I can't fit into. Any other size and I'd be fine, although I'd prefer larger sizes. Since the change in size, I'm sure I can only fit into a large of anything pre-TTB, which is going to make Progressive harder to obtain. As for red moon, you'll be up against me for those I'm afraid, and even then there's no guarantee either of us will win. Those things are rare as hell these days, I really regret not getting more than one of them when they had them on CDJ back when I first got into Kalafina. I know that one day (relatively soon at that) mine will stop being wearable and I need a replacement, it's such a nice design. I rarely wear mine these days for that reason and that's sad.

I'm more looking for a black version of the Red Day shirt anyway, I prefer how the design looks on black. I'm interested in getting all four variants of the Budokan designs though, the designs for that live were fantastic and some of the best, especially for Blue Day.

I'm just wondering what they'll have for the Spring Lives and the Arena lives, and how much of a pain those will be to get.

Really the only shirts at this stage I'll be instantly picking up are these: First Live/Storia live size L, Progressive size L, RM size L, and M or above for: Moonfesta, Door, Yume no Daichi, KnGnN (blue), 7th Anni, Red Day, Blue Day. I may also grab any L or above copies of Hanataba or KnGnN as I love those designs and I'd prefer a bigger, more comfortable size.


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I use Japan Shopping Service. I believe @Kugayama and some others use FromJapan. Both are reliable from what I know, although expect to wait for a week or so before you get confirmation since Surugu-ya take forever.

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@Seasonreaper That's interesting. I've never had them take a week to confirm any of my orders. It took a day at most. Granted, I've only ordered maybe 3 things from them (including the red day shirt).

Yeah, they are great designs. It's a shame that the only ones left in the store I don't particularly have any desire to get, except pooooossibly mirai (and obbligato if it wasn't an XL), but I'd rather get an out of print shirt or a color not close to red for my next shirt.

I do wish you luck on getting any/all of your insta-buys. I will be there lurking, though :knife:(along with probably a few other people of course waiting to strike), at least for the ones from some of their earliest lives. I've learned recently that the size doesn't really matter to me, since I'm pretty sure I can even fit into a small from their pre-ttb days, but like you, I prefer a looser fit. I wish I had known earlier because I would've gotten a red moon tee from CDJ when they were there too.

@Atlas Star It's good to hear that they rolled it up, since I use FromJapan too. Thank you!


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Not been much around of interest, plus not got many funds due to losing out on a week of holiday pay due to my employer screwing up. Guess it's kind of convenient that they coincided. Did manage to snag one of these though, and it's in perfect condition. I've had a good look and other than a slight nick on the bottom edge which'd be covered up when in a frame, there's no damage at all, not even any obvious rolling wrinkles except at the very edges. I'd prefer a promo poster rather than this but I'm not going to complain. Unfortunately there was another design TTB poster like this that was also at auction which sold for less, but it ended less than two minutes after this one did and I was waiting to see how much I'd have to spend to get this, so didn't get that one. This was prioritised though. There was also a Magia one at the same time as well, but eh, I don't really care that much so I didn't bother bidding on it.



HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Oh hey, I actually got something again. been a while.

Spring Live pamphlet, the 2012 calendar (it was finally cheap on Surugu-ya, I've seen a bunch of sales for 3-5k for ages but it was reduced down to 1900) and vol. 5 of BLT Voice Girls, which has one of my favourite Kalafina photoshoots in it. I've seen the pages from that magazine on sale with a bunch of other Kala clippings a few times but they always sell for quite a lot, and often half the pages that are in the sets being sold aren't all that great. I was actually expecting the magazine to be B5 or so, but it's B4, so that's nice.

This is the photoshoot from this magazine. Only a double page spread, a couple of group shot pages and a page for each girl, plus an interview page, but I've always really liked these photos and wanted to own a physical copy of them.

What does interest me is the Spring Live pamphlet, as it has these printed in it along with photos of the girls. Just weird to see English passages used in an official booklet.


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I know the passages written in the pamphlet were meant to promote the girls but I can't help but torn between sad, laughing, or feeling being lied by what was written on Hikaru's description (that used to be true). Solid high notes what?

I especially like how they describe Keiko's voice, though. Her voice in symphonia and lapis immediately came to my mind after reading it.


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
New shirt in. Been wanting one of these for quite a while, especially this colour as opposed to the red one as I think the design looks better on black. Cost quite a bit though, unlike a ton of shirts I've gotten for 500-1500 or so, but oh well. Condition is perfect, however.