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Which languages do you speak?


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I manage to speak English
Je parle évidemment français
Ich habe ein bisschen Deutsch in der Schule gelernt
Hablo un poco español (i també un poc de català)

I have also notions (depending of the language, I'm able to recognize and/or use a couple words) of Dutch, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and, for sure, Japanese. I even once tried Esperanto. Actually I love languages!

(also, I can use html/css, and I used to have some now depreciated knowledge in php...)
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I speak Filipino, English, and some Japanese... self-taught, self-declared intermediate level but I still have a lot of things to learn >_<
And a bit of Java and C :ohoho:
EDIT: Can more or less add VB.NET and PHP to the list, I guess.

I know HTML and CSS quite well, but those aren't languages, so there you go :P
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I used to speak Filipino, English, a little bit Spanish, Korean and some Japanese (also self-taught, thanks to my Jmusic stuff and anime XD) :V:
And if I'm going to have some language lessons, I would really love to learn Italian, French, German, and MORE Japanese! :D


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I speak Italian, English and a bit of French. I can also understand Spanish and Japanese if I focus xD


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Bump? I find it really interesting when many people can speak more than two languages. :)
Where I'm from a lot of people only speak English and/or can barely speak their native language.

I speak English, Mandarin, elementary school Korean, and conversational Japanese. I took 4 years of Spanish in high school but I doubt I'd be able to use it now except to unintentionally eavesdrop (lol) oh and Taiwanese because I grew up listening to my mom and her sisters and parents speak it.


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I speak Danish, English, Polish and a bit Japanese.
Japanese is a great language and I wish I had time to learn more.


HA! @crystalpink-san also uses Javanese! i'm not the only one! where do you live??

i speak indonesian, javanese, english...
self-taught japanese... (still can't pass the lowest grade of JLPT (?) though)
once learn a tiny bit of chinese and italian, but that's a long-time-ago stories i already forget XD (and because i self-taught italian, now i completely forget about what i've learned XD)
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He.... i'm from Solo, so it is a bit different to yours, haha, but glad to have fellow Javanese! :sohappy:
Satriyo-san is from Surabaya too, wonder if he's still here...


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I speak Filipino, English and....... I wish I could say more, but that's it. :rain:
I do know a bit of Japanese... I understand some, but I don't speak it, so really, I'm helpless. :blood:


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I'm the stupid American who only knows one language: English XD. However: J'ai une classe de français en mon école, et je vais entrer mon troisième an en août (Hopefully I got accents and genders right). And I know just a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of Japanese that I picked up from anime and J-music (including Kajiura's).

I hope that at some point, I'll be able to be fluent in French & Japanese as well as English.


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Finnish is my first language, but I'm fluent in English.

I also speak Swedish (ughh I did at least, I'm horribly rusty nowadays) and a bit of Japanese. I've just recently started studying Japanese (by myself) so I'm getting better, but I'm rather hopeless at the moment :desksweat:


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The only Language I'm fluent in is my Native Tongue of English.

Though I have taken Simplified Chinese in High School and remember some of it (I took it for 3 years, but still wouldn't say I'm fluent)

I am currently taking Japanese and may be getting closer to a level that's somewhat fluent. At the very least I can read and write in Hiragana and Katakana and know a little Kanji based off of Chinese Characters I remember. even though I'll still have to expand on my vocabulary overall.


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I know English and Italian, I'm obviously fluent in English and I can only use Italian in present tense.

I know a few Japanese words, I know what the numbers are since Mandarin was compulsory until 5th grade (Though I don't remember much) Japanese and Chinese numbers use the same kanji. I could probably pronounce a japanese word if i used an alphabet chart though I'd have no idea what it meant. I hope to take Japanese soon, perhaps second semester at JCA, It'd take some convincing though My aunt is totally on board with the idea of taking more languages, her word is like a gospel to my father so that helps. I'd self learn but it's like swimming in the deep end of a pool and not knowing how to swim.