Wakana solo career


I adore Yuki
Okey, just watch oblivious and hikari furu (someone post them on fb). I dont know who thought that the piano arrangement sound cool for oblivious, but I hate it. I couldnt identify the somg till she started singing. For HF, I liked Wakana's version, I just have a problem with that electric guitar sound, it really didnt fit.


I like Yuki
I love her smile and her performance on the stage:love:
My favourites:
-Yakusoku no Yoake
-Hard rain
-Kaze ni Naritai
-Kimi Dake no Stage
-Musunde Hiraku
-Boku no Kokoro no Tokei
-Hikari Furu
-Ai no Hana
-Ato Hitotsu

Why they not added Kimi dake no Stage and Ato Hitotsu in her album??? I like both songs!!!

I'm in love with Boku no Kokoro no Tokei and Hard Rain :hearts:

I like Wakana's voice singing Oblivious alone, but I dislike the piano arrangement...

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Turns out I was just looking forward to “musundehiraku” <3
Thanks @sarasara !!

I feel like the "oblivious" piano version would've sounded better if Wakana didn't sing it the way she did the regular version...... For example, if she had just added some kind of vocal-equivalent of staccato (what is that called, @Kowz?) to the bridge (itsuka....kimito...futari...yoruwo.... asawo...) or a whisper of some sort (kinda like what Keiko did during "bokurani dekiru kotowa tada...." in sprinter acoustic of Arena 2016 LIVE)... hmm..
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As a wakana hard core fans, this live is very amazing but "weird" at the same time because no keiko and hikaru besides her :'(

I really love musunde hiraku!! Seems like she has special attachment

And also Jidai!! I want this song as mp3 so bad


I figuerd out how to use Youtube-dl on my mac and got the full quality version as well as the other PriPri sample we just got. Theres a couple of tutorials which help with that.


running - find commands to download the best format:


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If anyone is going to the December concerts I have an extra ticket for the early showing of the Dec 10th live! I got 2 tickets for both showings bc i wanted to attend both, but my friend who's coming w/ me can only attend the later one so i have an extra!


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Saw this on twatter. Wakana is releasing an EP on 11/20, Aki no Sakura?
<初回限定盤> VIZL-1671、2,500円+税
・「アキノサクラ(Music Video)」「アキノサクラ(Music Video Making)」収録DVD付き
<通常盤> VICL-65270、2,000円+税
[収録曲] ※初回限定盤/通常盤共通
1. eve
2. アキノサクラ
3. 恋はいつも
4. オレンジ
5. 夕焼け


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Seriously though, what the hell is happening to “ato hitotsu” and “Kimidakeno STAGE”??
This was my first thought.

An EP with 5 songs is awesome, but I'm kinda sad neither "ato hitotsu" nor "Kimidakeno STAGE" are on there. I look forward to these new songs, but I hope those two unreleased songs make it to some album/single someday.