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Utada Hikaru

Video not available. The song is good until the remix part starts, then it gets cancerous indeed. Someone inthe comments of the latest game trailer said that the skillex dude played the whole game to get inspired for the remix (and cameup with this ??? ! 🤣🤣)
When such comments are written you know the end of the world is comming soon

11 hours ago
Probably listened to the short version about a 1000 times, feels weird to hear the 2nd verse but makes the track even more amazing - such a masterpiece!

11 hours ago (edited)
Really good to have a track that Skrillex's name is in as one of the last videos before this channel reaches 8M subscribers 🎶🔥✨

Talha Nayyar
12 hours ago
May god have mercy on the replay button

the cam
12 hours ago
I don't care what anybody says in my opinion I love this song

12 hours ago
Finally I can hear the second verse! <3


Skrillex? 2019? Am I dreaming?

_ LUNI _

12 hours ago
Skrillex is one of the most versatile artist in scene right now! Cant wait for more bangers from Sonny!

Agus Chiribao
12 hours ago
Finally they released this beautiful track, increíble way to start this year with some skrillex song !!


I have reached Yuki nirvana
So they didn't even use skrillex in the game? lulz. Or is it now the ending and Chikai orchestral arrange the OP?

Edit: It plays later as the op. Nevermind me.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
In the ending I believe
Youtubed the ending and I can only hear Hikari orchestral and then Chikai/Don't think twice. Opening was orchestral Chikai. Can't find anything about Face my fears. v( '')v (Plays later as the OP.)
Well, I'd be happy if I never heard that song ever again. lol.

@george1234 they did use the original Passion/Sanctuary in the opening for the 2nd one.

I'm going to guess they made a new one because they've been teasing this game for so long and they needed something new to promote the game with again, lol.

Maybe Utada and her publishing were also like "no, the game was supposed to be out around Hatsukoi, we need you to include a new song now in promos".
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Oh okay u re right 😅

That didnt seem like OP as it was in the previous games, so that other vid confused me.

Btw in case you play the game half of the story for the keyblade war stuff as in the plot of the mobile game called kh union X
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