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I have reached Yuki nirvana
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
BGM guide for anime adaptations of Tsubasa. Covers the two TV series (BeeTrain), movie and OAD series (ProductionIG). Many thanks to Kowz for helping with this shit (Edit: and george1234 with TTR). Both of us used the English dub as a base (which replaced Japanese songs with instrumentals and dubbed character songs) so there may be some inconsistencies between the original version and this.

Rips of all unreleased and most (but not all) alternates of released tracks are included. They are full of SFX (and I included some super SFX heavy rips if I still found them interesting enough) but it actually would've been way worse if the dub was mixed like the multichannel Japanese audio for the movie (regardless of the version though whenever Yuko spoke with that booming reverb of hers I was screwed). I did what I could with it and for all the complaining that I did initially, the way the dub was mixed was a blessing since a few of the tracks really came out nicely. If anyone cares: I used lossless 5.1 English dub from BluRays for everything but the movie.


Updated Kaze no Machi he mix: one revised full instrumental, and one with bridge chorus. Version 4.
TC: Tsubasa Chronicle (TV S1 & S2)
TM: Tsubasa Movie
TTR: Tsubasa Tokyo Revelation
TS: Tsubasa Shunraiki

TC101-A-01 ship of fools
TC101-A-02 believe
TC101-A-03 if you are my love
TC101-A-04 the dreamers
TC101-A-05 best years in our lives
TC101-A-06 YKUNR-TC101
TC101-A-07 YKUNR-TC101
TC101-A-08 ship of fools
TC101-B-09 break the sword of justice
TC101-B-10 strange games
TC101-B-11 if you are my love (harp only)
TC101-B-12 if you are my love (no solo violin, sfx ending)
TC101-B-13 a song of storm and fire (strings excerpt 1)
TC101-B-14 a song of storm and fire

TC102-A-01 I talk to the rain (vocal excerpt 2 + 1)
TC102-A-02 YKUNR-TC102_105_121_122
TC102-A-03 ship of fools (instrumental excerpt)
TC102-A-04 through the gate (partially strings)
TC102-B-05 I talk to the rain (no beat, no synth edit)
TC102-B-06 together for tomorrow
TC102-B-07 YKUNR-TC102_113_202
TC102-B-08 storm and fire
TC102-B-09 a song of storm and fire (vocal excerpt 1)

TC103-A-01 a song of storm and fire (vocal excerpt 2)
TC103-A-02 lost wings
TC103-A-03 YKUNR-TC103_105_112_120_206_211
TC103-A-04 tsubasa
TC103-B-05 wayside
TC103-B-06 black sword
TC103-B-07 together for tomorrow
TC103-B-08 break the sword of justice (perc)
TC103-B-09 break the sword of justice
TC103-B-10 break the sword of justice (alt intro)
TC103-B-11 if you are my love

TC104-A-01 if you are my love
TC104-A-02 ship of fools
TC104-A-03 believe (starts with strings only)
TC104-A-04 wayside
TC104-A-05 I talk to the rain (partially instrumental, no violin)
TC104-B-06 blue clouds
TC104-B-07 if you are my love
TC104-B-08 guess how much I love you
TC104-B-09 storm and fire
TC104-B-10 tsubasa (vocal excerpt)

TC105-A-01 guess how much I love you
TC105-A-02 lost wings
TC105-A-03 wayside
TC105-A-04 ruthless (no solos)
TC105-A-05 break the sword of justice
TC105-A-06 YKUNR-TC103_105_112_120_206_211
TC105-A-07 strange games
TC105-B-08 strange games
TC105-B-09 strange games
TC105-B-10 strange games
TC105-B-11 dewdrops
TC105-B-12 YKUNR-TC102_105_121_122
TC105-B-13 a song of storm and fire (vocal excerpt 2)

TC106-A-01 black sword
TC106-A-02 witch (samples, sfx)
TC106-A-03 hear our prayer
TC106-A-04 storm is coming
TC106-A-05 storm is coming
TC106-B-06 a song of storm and fire (with vocal excerpt 2 in the middle)
TC106-B-07 I talk to the rain (no synth no perc)
TC106-B-08 believe (strings excerpt)
TC106-B-09 through the gate

TC107-A-01 break the sword of justice (non-CD edit)
TC107-A-02 ruthless (piano)
TC107-A-03 a song of storm and fire (vocal excerpt 1)
TC107-A-04 YKUNR-TC107_201
TC107-A-05 wayside
TC107-A-06 a tiny sunshine
TC107-A-07 witch (non-CD edit)
TC107-B-08 strange games
TC107-B-09 YKUNR-TC107
TC107-B-10 if you are my love
TC107-B-11 a song of storm and fire (edit with strings excerpt 2)
TC107-B-12 I talk to the rain
TC107-B-13 I talk to the rain (vocal excerpt 2)

TC108-A-01 if you are my love
TC108-A-02 YKUNR-TC108_109_112
TC108-A-03 break the sword of justice
TC108-A-04 together for tomorrow (no perc)
TC108-A-05 storm and fire (perc)
TC108-A-06 morning moon
TC108-A-07 a song of storm and fire
TC108-B-08 storm and fire
TC108-B-09 hear our prayer (partially no synth, no harp)
TC108-B-10 strange games
TC108-B-11 witch

TC109-A-01 hear our prayer
TC109-A-02 ruthless (koto excerpt 1)
TC109-A-03 ship of fools (intro vocals excerpt)
TC109-A-04 YKUNR-TC109_112_113
TC109-A-05 YKUNR-TC108_109_112
TC109-A-06 I talk to the rain (partial instrumental)
TC109-A-07 I talk to the rain (vocal excerpt 2)
TC109-A-08 black sword
TC109-B-09 witch (perc/sfx)
TC109-B-10 break the sword of justice
TC109-B-11 strange names
TC109-B-12 a song of storm and fire (strings excerpt 2 + 3)

TC110-A-01 if you are my love (strings excerpt)
TC110-A-02 storm and fire (perc)
TC110-A-03 storm and fire (perc)
TC110-A-04 strange names
TC110-A-05 YKUNR-TC110_123_206_TTR1
TC110-A-06 break the sword of justice (perc)
TC110-A-07 break the sword of justice
TC110-B-08 morning moon
TC110-B-09 morning moon
TC110-B-10 hear our prayer
TC110-B-11 I talk to the rain

TC111-A-01 storm is coming
TC111-A-02 a song of storm and fire
TC111-A-03 a song of storm and fire (vocal excerpt 2)
TC111-A-04 I talk to the rain (vocal excerpt 1)
TC111-B-05 witch (non-CD edit)
TC111-B-06 if you are my love
TC111-B-07 ship of fools
TC111-B-08 believe (starts with strings only)
TC111-B-09 believe (strings excerpt)
TC111-B-10 through the gate (partially strings only)

TC112-A-01 through the gate (strings excerpt)
TC112-A-02 blue clouds
TC112-A-03 best years of our lives
TC112-A-04 YKUNR-TC108_109_112
TC112-A-05 YKUNR-TC109_112_113
TC112-B-06 YKUNR-TC103_105_112_120_206_211
TC112-B-07 wayside
TC112-B-08 YKUNR-TC112_118_119_120_206_221
TC112-B-09 storm is coming
TC112-B-10 storm is coming
TC112-B-11 through the gate (partially strings only)

TC113-A-01 through the gate (opening cue with vocal only ending)
TC113-A-02 YKUNR-TC113a
TC113-A-03 YKUNR-TC113_205_211
TC113-A-04 YKUNR-TC113_116_118_201_204_207_218
TC113-A-05 YKUNR-TC113b
TC113-A-06 morning moon
TC113-A-07 YKUNR-TC102_113_202
TC113-A-08 YKUNR-TC113a
TC113-B-09 storm is coming
TC113-B-10 wayside (violin cello)
TC113-B-11 a song of storm and fire (strings excerpt 2)
TC113-B-12 YKUNR-TC109_112_113
TC113-B-13 I talk to the rain

TC114-A-01 YKUNR-TC114_118_123_125_214_219_223
TC114-A-02 breathless
TC114-A-03 a tiny sunshine
TC114-A-04 I talk to the rain (instrumental)
TC114-A-05 guess how much I love you
TC114-B-06 YKUNR-TC114_204
TC114-B-07 YKUNR-TC114_126
TC114-B-08 break the sword of justice
TC114-B-09 hear our prayer
TC114-B-10 a song of storm and fire (vocal excerpt 2)

TC115-A-01 storm is coming
TC115-A-02 breathless (no synth)
TC115-A-03 storm and fire
TC115-A-04 a song of storm and fire (strings excerpt 2 + 3)
TC115-B-05 when two powers collide
TC115-B-06 best years of our lives
TC115-B-07 when two powers collide (strings excerpt)
TC115-B-08 believe (partially strings only)
TC115-B-09 ship of fools

TC116-A-01 If you are my love
TC116-A-02 through the gate (strings excerpt + opening)
TC116-A-03 YKUNR-TC116
TC116-A-04 YKUNR-TC116_122_206
TC116-A-05 YKUNR-TC116_122_206
TC116-A-06 YKUNR-TC116_122_206
TC116-A-07 strange names
TC116-B-08 break the sword of justice (perc)
TC116-B-09 YKUNR-TC113_116_118_201_204_207_218
TC116-B-10 fatigue (cello excerpt)
TC116-B-11 tsubasa (instrumental)

TC117-A-01 a song of storm and fire (strings excerpt 1)
TC117-A-02 YKUNR-TC117_118_124 (no beat)
TC117-A-03 ship of fools (vocal and synth)
TC117-A-04 wayside
TC117-A-05 YKUNR-TC117
TC117-A-06 guess how much I love you
TC117-B-07 black sword
TC117-B-08 stay
TC117-B-09 storm is coming
TC117-B-10 break the sword of justice
TC117-B-11 tsubasa

TC118-A-01 a song of storm and fire (vocal excerpt 2 no lower harmony or choir)
TC118-A-02 YKUNR-TC113_116_118_201_204_207_218
TC118-A-03 the dreamers
TC118-A-04 YKUNR-TC117_118_124
TC118-A-05 if you are my love
TC118-B-06 YKUNR-TC112_118_119_120_206_221
TC118-B-07 black sword
TC118-B-08 stay
TC118-B-09 YKUNR-TC114_118_123_125_214_219_223
TC118-B-10 strange names

TC119-A-01 you are my love
TC119-A-02 Kaze no machi he
TC119-A-03 Kaze no machi he (partial instrumental)
TC119-A-04 YKUNR-TC112_118_119_120_206_221
TC119-A-05 voices silently sing
TC119-B-06 break it down again
TC119-B-07 voices silently sing (sax intro)
TC119-B-08 black sword (koto only)
TC119-B-09 voices silently sing (synth, vocal, sax)
TC119-B-10 I sing to the rain (vocal excerpt 1)

TC120-A-01 voices silently sing (sax intro)
TC120-A-02 guess how much I love you
TC120-A-03 witch
TC120-A-04 YKUNR-TC103_105_112_120_206_211
TC120-A-05 break the sword of justice (perc)
TC120-A-06 black sword
TC120-B-07 YKUNR-TC112_118_119_120_206_221
TC120-B-08 if you are my love
TC120-B-09 you are my love (Sakura ver instrumental)
TC120-B-10 you are my love (Sakura ver)
TC120-B-11 1&0 city

TC121-A-01 when two powers collide (strings excerpt)
TC121-A-02 voices silently sing (sax intro)
TC121-A-03 best years of our lives
TC121-A-04 YKUNR-TC121
TC121-A-05 YKUNR-TC102_105_121_122
TC121-A-06 endlesly (cue)
TC121-B-07 Kaze no machi he
TC121-B-08 voices silently sing (intro vocal + sax)
TC121-B-09 a song of storm and fire (partially instrumental)

TC122-A-01 voices silently sing (sax intro)
TC122-A-02 voices silently sing
TC122-A-03 YKUNR-TC116_122_206
TC122-A-04 fatigue (starts with cello only)
TC122-A-05 ship of fools
TC122-A-06 YKUNR-TC102_105_121_122
TC122-B-07 ruthless
TC122-B-08 breathless
TC122-B-09 masquerade
TC122-B-10 voices silently sing (vocal intro)
TC122-B-11 endlessly (piano and chorus excerpt)
TC122-B-12 YKUNR-TC122_125_207_209_TS2

TC123-A-01 YKUNR-TC117_118_124 (no beat)
TC123-A-02 masquerade
TC123-A-03 Voices silently sing (intro vocal + sax)
TC123-A-04 voices silently sing
TC123-A-05 strange names
TC123-A-06 1&0 city
TC123-B-07 when two powers collide (strings excerpt)
TC123-B-08 YKUNR-TC114_118_123_125_214_219_223
TC123-B-09 I talk to the rain (vocal excerpt 1)
TC123-B-10 I talk to the rain (vocal excerpt 2)
TC123-B-11 you are my love

TC124-A-01 a song of storm and fire (starts with vocal only)
TC124-A-02 voices silently sing (no vocal)
TC124-A-03 Kaze no machi he
TC124-A-04 breathless
TC124-A-05 1&0 city
TC124-B-06 break the sword of justice (perc)
TC124-B-07 YKUNR-TC117_118_124
TC124-B-08 break the sword of justice
TC124-B-09 catastrophe

TC125-A-01 YKUNR-TC122_125_207_209_TS2
TC125-A-02 YKUNR-TC114_118_123_125_214_219_223
TC125-A-03 1&0 city
TC125-A-04 1&0 city (piano then synth)
TC125-A-05 I talk to the rain (vocal excerpt 1)
TC125-B-06 fatigue (cello excerpt)
TC125-B-07 voices silently sing (vocals only)
TC125-B-08 catastrophe
TC125-B-09 believe
TC125-B-10 ship of fools (partially vocal only)

TC126-A-01 if you are my love
TC126-A-02 ship of fools (vocal excerpt )
TC126-A-03 through the gate
TC126-A-04 YKUNR-TC114_126
TC126-A-05 you are my love (Sakura ver)
TC126-A-06 ship of fools
TC126-B-07 strange names
TC126-B-08 break the sword of justice (perc)
TC126-B-09 I talk to the rain (vocal excerpt 1)
TC126-B-10 tsubasa

TC201-A-01 ship of Fools (vocal excerpt 1)
TC201-A-02 rainbow (no synth)
TC201-A-03 believe (strings excerpt)
TC201-A-04 indian summer
TC201-A-05 together for tomorrow
TC201-A-06 YKUNR-TC113_116_118_201_204_207_218 (cue)
TC201-A-07 YKUNR-TC107_201
TC201-A-08 ship of fools
TC201-B-09 we go further everyday
TC201-B-10 slipstream
TC201-B-11 a song of storm and fire (partially instrumental)

TC202-A-01 slipstream
TC202-A-02 indian summer (guitar and drums only)
TC202-A-03 wayside
TC202-A-04 ruthless (no piano)
TC202-A-05 YKUNR-TC202_205_223
TC202-A-06 YKUNR-TC102_113_202
TC202-A-07 together for tomorrow
TC202-A-08 wayside
TC202-B-09 indian summer
TC202-B-10 slipstream
TC202-B-11 slipstream

TC203-A-01 a song of storm and fire (instrumental)
TC203-A-02 storm and fire
TC203-A-03 antinomie (synth excerpt)
TC203-A-04 ruthless
TC203-B-05 slipstream
TC203-B-06 we go further everyday (strings excerpt)
TC203-B-07 indian summer
TC203-B-08 total eclipse
TC203-B-09 YKUNR-TC203_206_209_214_218_219
TC203-B-10 believe
TC203-B-11 ship of fools

TC204-A-01 YKUNR-TC113_116_118_201_204_207_218
TC204-A-02 ship of fools
TC204-A-03 guess how much I love you
TC204-A-04 catastrophe (perc)
TC204-A-05 morning moon
TC204-A-06 morning moon
TC204-B-07 ruthless (no piano)
TC204-B-08 if you are my love
TC204-B-09 YKUNR-TC204
TC204-B-10 you are my love (instrumental)
TC204-B-11 dawn
TC204-B-12 YKUNR-TC114_204

TC205-A-01 merrymaking (no flute)
TC205-A-02 masquerade
TC205-A-03 YKUNR-TC205_221
TC205-A-04 blue clouds
TC205-A-05 YKUNR-TC205_209
TC205-A-06 YKUNR-TC202_205_223
TC205-B-07 ruthless
TC205-B-08 YKUNR-TC113_205_211
TC205-B-09 antinomie
TC205-B-10 I talk to the rain (instrumental)
TC205-B-11 tsubasa

TC206-A-01 YKUNR-TC116_122_206
TC206-A-02 YKUNR-TC206
TC206-A-03 YKUNR-TC110_123_206_TTR1 (no beat)
TC206-A-04 together for tomorrow (intro)
TC206-A-05 YKUNR-TC103_105_112_120_206_211
TC206-A-06 strange names
TC206-A-07 YKUNR-TC116_122_206
TC206-A-08 best years of our lives
TC206-B-09 darkness comes
TC206-B-10 YKUNR-TC112_118_119_120_206_221
TC206-B-11 rainbow (no synth)
TC206-B-12 YKUNR-TC203_206_209_214_218_219
TC206-B-13 dreamscape

TC207-A-01 YKUNR-TC122_125_207_209_TS2
TC207-A-02 merrymaking
TC207-A-03 ruthless (koto excerpt)
TC207-A-04 YKUNR-TC113_116_118_201_204_207_218
TC207-A-05 YKUNR-TC207
TC207-A-06 further
TC207-A-07 need your love
TC207-A-08 femme (synth excerpt)
TC207-A-09 femme (no synth)
TC207-B-10 merrymaking
TC207-B-11 ruthless (koto excerpt)
TC207-B-12 fatigue (cello excerpt)
TC207-B-13 the dreamers (cue)
TC207-B-14 ruthless (koto cue)
TC207-B-15 femme (no synth)
TC207-B-16 darkness comes

TC208-A-01 total eclipse
TC208-A-02 total eclipse
TC208-A-03 femme (no synth)
TC208-A-04 moebius
TC208-A-05 femme (synth excerpt)
TC208-A-06 siren song (instrumental excerpt)
TC208-B-07 need your love (cello excerpt)
TC208-B-08 femme (no synth)
TC208-B-09 moebius
TC208-B-10 swordbreaker
TC208-B-11 fireseeker
TC208-B-12 uninvited guest (no synth)

TC209-A-01 uninvited guest (no synth)
TC209-A-02 femme (no synth)
TC209-A-03 femme (no synth)
TC209-A-04 YKUNR-TC205_209
TC209-A-05 ship of fools
TC209-A-06 YKUNR-TC203_206_209_214_218_219
TC209-B-07 further
TC209-B-08 YKUNR-TC122_125_207_209_TS2
TC209-B-09 moebius
TC209-B-10 femme (no synth)

TC210-A-01 uninvited guest
TC210-A-02 femme (no synth)
TC210-A-03 femme (no synth)
TC210-A-04 moebius
TC210-A-05 dawn
TC210-B-06 merrymaking
TC210-B-07 rainbow (no synth)
TC210-B-08 rainbow (no synth)
TC210-B-09 wings of your imagination (no synth)
TC210-B-10 ship of fools

TC211-A-01 YKUNR-TC103_105_112_120_206_211
TC211-A-02 YKUNR-TC211_215_TM (piano)
TC211-A-03 you are my love (instrumental)
TC211-A-04 wayside (violin solo)
TC211-A-05 wayside
TC211-B-06 YKUNR-TC113_205_211
TC211-B-07 YKUNR-TC113_205_211
TC211-B-08 indian summer (no strings, no solo excerpt)
TC211-B-09 a song of storm and fire
TC211-B-10 YKUNR-TC211
TC211-B-11 wayside (violin solo)

TC212-A-01 YKUNR-TC212
TC212-A-02 1&0 city (piano excerpt)
TC212-A-03 when two powers collide (strings excerpt)
TC212-A-04 together for tomorrow (e. guitar and sax)
TC212-A-05 Kaze no machi he (piano ending only)
TC212-A-06 Kaze no machi he (piano ending only)
TC212-A-07 slipstream
TC212-B-08 slipstream
TC212-B-09 further
TC212-B-10 Kaze no machi he
TC212-B-11 ruthless (no piano, no koto)
TC212-B-12 fireseeker

TC213-A-01 I talk to the rain
TC213-A-02 I talk to the rain
TC213-A-03 Kaze no machi he
TC213-A-04 slipstream
TC213-B-05 YKUNR-TC213_220_225
TC213-B-06 guess how much I love you (piano excerpt)
TC213-B-07 Kaze no machi he

TC214-A-01 longingly
TC214-A-02 YKUNR-TC203_206_209_214_218_219
TC214-A-03 you shall overcome (no strings)
TC214-A-04 you shall overcome (no strings)
TC214-A-05 you shall overcome (solo excerpt)
TC214-B-06 you shall overcome
TC214-B-07 YKUNR-TC114_118_123_125_214_219_223
TC214-B-08 broken sword of justice
TC214-B-09 broken sword of justice
TC214-B-10 broken sword of justice (strings excerpt)
TC214-B-11 you shall overcome (solo excerpt)

TC215-A-01 you shall overcome (strings excerpt)
TC215-A-02 crying alone
TC215-A-03 crying alone
TC215-A-04 you shall overcome (solo excerpt)
TC215-A-05 you shall overcome
TC215-A-06 YKUNR-TC215
TC215-A-07 antinomie
TC215-B-08 YKUNR-TC211_215_TM (strings)
TC215-B-09 dreamscape (alternative solo)
TC215-B-10 aikoi

TC216-A-01 you are my love
TC216-A-02 ring your song
TC216-A-03 requiem for the evil (vocal excerpt 1)
TC216-A-04 requiem for the evil (vocal excerpt 2)
TC216-A-05 you shall overcome (partially no synth)
TC216-A-06 ship of fools
TC216-B-07 requiem for the evil (vocal excerpt 1)
TC216-B-08 prove yourself (strings excerpt)
TC216-B-09 aikoi (instrumental)

TC217-A-01 ring your song (piano excerpt)
TC217-A-02 antinomie
TC217-A-03 prove yourself (strings excerpt)
TC217-A-04 ring your song (piano excerpt)
TC217-A-05 you shall overcome
TC217-B-06 you shall overcome (strings excerpt)
TC217-B-07 Loop (instrumental) (by Maaya Sakamoto)

TC218-A-01 a tiny sunshine
TC218-A-02 further
TC218-A-03 little one so sweet
TC218-A-04 YKUNR-TC203_206_209_214_218_219
TC218-A-05 little one so sweet
TC218-A-06 YKUNR-TC218_220_TTR3
TC218-B-07 dreamscape (instrumental)
TC218-B-08 YKUNR-TC113_116_118_201_204_207_218
TC218-B-09 rainbow

TC219-A-01 need your love
TC219-A-02 tsubasa (instrumental)
TC219-A-03 breathless (no synth)
TC219-A-04 YKUNR-TC219_220
TC219-A-06 siren song
TC219-B-07 YKUNR-TC114_118_123_125_214_219_223
TC219-B-08 ring your song
TC219-B-09 YKUNR-TC203_206_209_214_218_219
TC219-B-10 siren song

TC220-A-01 YKUNR-TC220
TC220-A-02 siren song
TC220-A-03 YKUNR-TC218_220_TTR3
TC220-A-04 before the storm
TC220-A-05 YKUNR-TC219_220
TC220-A-06 YKUNR-TC213_220_225
TC220-B-07 a song of storm and fire (vocal excerpt 1 nochoir)
TC220-B-08 let go
TC220-B-09 I talk to the rain (vocal excerpt 1)
TC220-B-10 hear our prayer
TC220-B-11 aikoi

TC221-A-01 YKUNR-TC221
TC221-A-02 Kaze no machi he (instrumental)
TC221-A-03 YKUNR-TC205_221
TC221-A-04 ring your song
TC221-A-05 YKUNR-TC112_118_119_120_206_221
TC221-B-06 indian summer
TC221-B-07 indian summer
TC221-B-08 together for tomorrow
TC221-B-09 run for your life
TC221-B-10 believe

TC222-A-01 my dear feather (no synth no perc)
TC222-A-02 further
TC222-A-03 a whip and a witch
TC222-A-04 my dear feather (instrumental)
TC222-B-05 a whip and a witch (strings excerpt)
TC222-B-06 ship of fools
TC222-B-07 requiem for the evil (no perc)
TC222-B-08 my dear feather

TC223-A-01 a whip and a witch
TC223-A-02 ring your song
TC223-A-03 YKUNR-TC202_205_223
TC223-A-04 prove yourself
TC223-A-05 Tsuki no shijima
TC223-B-06 YKUNR-TC114_118_123_125_214_219_223
TC223-B-07 my dear feather
TC223-B-08 sacrifice

TC224-A-01 prove yourself
TC224-A-02 sacrifice
TC224-A-03 my dear feather (no synth no perc)
TC224-B-04 ship of fools (vocal excerpt 1)
TC224-B-05 my dear feather (vocal excerpt)
TC224-B-06 ship of fools (vocal excerpt 2)
TC224-B-07 crying alone
TC224-B-08 Tsuki no shijima

TC225-A-01 dreamscape (instrumental)
TC225-A-02 a requiem for the evil (vocals + synth)
TC225-A-03 swordbreaker (no solo excerpt)
TC225-A-04 YKUNR-TC213_220_225
TC225-A-05 my dear feather (no synth, no perc)
TC225-A-06 need your love
TC225-B-07 aikoi
TC225-B-08 sacrifice

TC226-A-01 ship of fools
TC226-A-02 prove yourself
TC226-A-03 sacrifice
TC226-A-04 ship of fools (vocal excerpt 1)
TC226-A-05 my dear feather (starts with vocal excerpt)
TC226-B-06 fireseeker
TC226-B-07 dawn
TC226-B-08 aikoi

TM-02 if you are my love
TM-03 YKUNR-TC211_215_TM (no piano)
TM-04 ship of fools (instrumental excerpt)
TM-05 a tiny sunshine
TM-06 breathless (synth)
TM-07 lost wings
TM-08 break the sword of justice
TM-09 morning moon
TM-10 YKUNR-TC211_215_TM
TM-12 believe
TM-13 storm and fire
TM-14 a song of storm and fire

TTR1-01 YKUNR-TTR3 (reverb)
TTR1-03 1&0 city (synth excerpt)
TTR1-04 break the sword of justice
TTR1-05 YKUNR-TC110_123_206_TTR1 (no beat)
TTR1-06 YKUNR-TTR3 (reverb)
TTR1-09 YKUNR-TTR3 (reverb)

TTR2-01 darkness comes
TTR2-02 prove yourself (partially no synth)
TTR2-03 moebius
TTR2-04 catastrophe (instrumental)
TTR2-05 hear our prayer
TTR2-06 a song of storm and fire (partially no synth)
TTR2-07 total eclipse (sfx)?

TTR3-01 total eclipse (sfx)?
TTR3-02 morning moon
TTR3-05 YKUNR-TC218_220_TTR3
TTR3-06 ship of fools (non-CD edit)
TTR3-07 hear our prayer
TTR3-08 if you are my love
TTR3-09 we go further, everyday (strings excerpt)

TS1-01 sacrifice (strings)
TS1-02 ship of fools (vocal excerpt 1)
TS1-03 morning mood
TS1-04 voices silently sing (vocal excerpt)
TS1-05 ruthless (koto)
TS1-07 ship of fools (extended intro)
TS1-08 proves yourself (non-CD edit)
TS1-09 fatigue
TS1-10 in the beginning there was you and me (partially no synth)

TS2-01 YKUNR-TC122_125_207_209_TS2
TS2-02 femme (synth excerpt)
TS2-03 let go
TS2-04 catastrophe (partially instrumental)
TS2-05 ship of fools (no beat)
TS2-06 hear our prayer
TS2-07 darkness comes (no synth)
TS2-08 I talk to the rain (instrumental)
TS2-09 if you are my love (partially without strings)
TS2-10 we go further, everyday

Edit: I just realized I mistitled once upon a time there was you and me. Im dum.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
Sorry, had to reupload it. Fixed and done.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
Mega sux nowadays, TBH. If you know better hosts, do tell. I'm thinking of uploading to zippyshare.


@grunty In some rips i had done in the past for TC Tokyo Revelations and there also few tracks that you forgot to include (the forder should be this )

- catastrophie instrumental
- song of storm and fire with similar strings to the 2nd one from your collection but its the whole song instead
- prove yourself instrumental
- if you are my love instrumental with additional piano
- ship of fool with more vocals near the end


I have reached Yuki nirvana
No, I didn't forget anything. I didn't say I included ALL of the alternates - I chose not to include more than just those you listed. I didn't find them interesting enough to warrant the amount of SFX they (sadly) had.

PS. song of storm and fire was the CD version which removed synth/perc halfway through and went into what I included in the rips after few seconds.
if you are my love in your rip didn't have any new piano. It just included a part without strings and then looped around and repeated it with strings as in the CD version. Probably should've noted it in the guide though so thanks. Fuck Yuuko's reverb.
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ok. hehe

Some of the unnamed tracks in your rips do prove that she was producing sfx - only tracks from that time already and they just werent getting included in the OSTs.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
BGM guide for the movie.


02. LOVE I
03. Omoide I
04. Isekai no tobira
05. Tohou ni kurete (beat and drumkit start later)
06. Madobe kara (KYOSUKE No.1)
07. Doko ni iru no
08. Isekai no tobira
09. Insert song: LOVE IS POWER
10. Omoide II (?musicbox? layer only, or just the intro section repeated twice)
13. Kousa-suru omoi (no drums)
14. Kyosuke no THEME II
15. Saikai
16. Insert song: DON'T BE AFRAID
17. Isekai no tobira
18. Anata ni koko ni ite hoshii (KYOSUKE No.1)
20. Yori sou 2-jin (KYOSUKE No.1)
21. Insert song: ??? (plays on the radio; not in credits, ost or image album afaik)
22. Ima, soshite kore kara
23. Closing song: DAY DREAM
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
BGM guide for the OVA series.

Nothing unreleased but you can find a few rips (from Blu-ray audio) which weren't plagued by annoying SFX below. "cpm"
My-Otome Zwei BGM GUIDE

01-01 Hinageshi no Hana no you ni (instrumental)
01-02 Yami no Shuryousha
01-03 Mou Hitotsu no Happy End
01-04 Gokigenyou (partially no synth)
01-05 Kibou no Miyako, Windbloom (no guitar during piano section)
01-06 Shukuteki (partially no solo)
01-07 MATERIALISE (instrumental intro)
01-08 Otome Mau~Sei naru Butou
01-09 Kyuusai to Iu Na no Shinryaku
01-ED Believe~Eien no Kizuna~ (not by Yuki Kajiura)

02-01 Sajin ni Kureyuku (synth)
02-02 Zankoku na Mai/Nozomanu Tatakai
02-03 O-TO-ME Kourin
02-04 Kindan no Hanazono (no solo)
02-05 Karei naru Makimaki-sama (no solos)
02-06 Sore wo Yaru ka Arika
02-07 Hinageshi no Hana no you ni (instrumental)
02-08 Sei Otome no Inori (vocal)
02-09 Sei Otome no Inori (partially instrumental)
02-10 Yamiyo no Prologue (from My-HiME)
02-11 MATERIALISE (instrumental)
02-12 Kagutsuchi Kourin (from My-HiME)
02-13 Sajin ni Kureyuku
02-ED storm (music & arrange & lyrics by Yuki Kajiura)

03-01 Kokuyou no Kimi~Amai Yuuwaku (from My-HiME)
03-02 Lilac~Utsukushiki Chigiri
03-03 Sore wo Yaru ka Arika
03-04 Oharahetta (from My-HiME)
03-05 Sajin ni Kureyuku (synth)
03-06 Kindan no Hanazono (no solo)
03-07 Sei Otome no Inori (vocal)
03-08 Oyasuminasai
03-09 Kibou no Miyako, Windbloom (piano)
03-10 Owari no Nai Crossroad (no perc)
03-11 Kyuusai to Iu Na no Shinryaku (partially synth+piano only)
03-12 MATERIALISE (partially instrumental)
03-ED Egao no Iro wa Niji no Iro (composed by Yuki Kajiura)

04-01 Shiromuku no Hime (background layer only) (from My-HiME)
04-02 Shinwa no Hate ni~HiME to Kokuyou no Kimi~ (no strings) (from My-HiME)
04-03 Mai
04-04 Yuubae no Sora (from My-HiME)
04-05 Nemuranai Yami no Shitou (from My-HiME)
04-06 Ikusa Otome~Aoi to Kuro no Kyousoukyoku
04-07 Otome Mau~Sei naru Butou
04-08 Koigokoro
04-09 Sei Otome no Inori (vocal)
04-10 Sei Otome no Inori (partially instrumental)
04-11 Takeru Sora/Yuragu Daichi
04-12 Lilac~Utsukushiki Chigiri (strings)
04-ED Otome wa DO MY BEST desho? 2007 ver. (not by Yuki Kajiura)

PS. I just randomly did this yesterday so don't expect more soon, lol.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
BGM guide for Yuki Kajiura's first TV anime with Mashimo.

Rips below are from stereo audio so there's lots of dialogue and SFX (though I did edit the tracks from multiple appearances when possible). I'm not sure if everything is by Kajiura (EBBY and Tomomasa Yoneda are also credited for the OST). "cpm"
with love from grunty of cpm

01-A-01 Theme
01-A-02 EATMAN_UNR_01a
01-A-03 Anger of ANGEL
01-A-04 Pleasure
01-B-05 EATMAN_UNR_01a
01-B-06 EATMAN_UNR_01b_05_08_10
01-B-07 Digital Flower
01-B-08 EATMAN_UNR_01c
01-B-09 EATMAN_UNR_01d

02-A-01 Cold Fire
02-A-02 Theme
02-A-03 EATMAN_UNR_02a
02-A-04 EATMAN_UNR_02b_03_04_08 (bg layer)
02-A-05 EATMAN_UNR_02c
02-B-06 EATMAN_UNR_02a
02-B-07 EATMAN_UNR_02d
02-B-08 Cold Fire
02-B-09 EATMAN_UNR_02a
02-B-10 I Ask

03-A-01 EATMAN_UNR_02b_03_04_08
03-A-02 EATMAN_UNR_03
03-A-03 EATMAN_UNR_03
03-A-04 The Impression of the sea
03-B-05 Pleasure
03-B-06 EATMAN_UNR_03
03-B-07 Do you believe in dreams?
03-B-08 Theme

04-A-01 EATMAN_UNR_04a_05_07_08_09_11_12 (guitar)
04-A-02 Digital flower
04-A-03 EATMAN_UNR_02b_03_04_08
04-A-04 Cold fire
04-A-05 EATMAN_UNR_04b
04-A-06 EATMAN_UNR_04c
04-B-07 System 0212
04-B-08 EATMAN_UNR_04c
04-B-09 Elastic plastic
04-B-10 EATMAN_UNR_04b
04-B-11 Do you believe in dreams?

05-A-01 EATMAN_UNR_05a
05-A-02 EATMAN_UNR_05b
05-A-03 EATMAN_UNR_05c
05-A-04 Resort Affair (no perc)
05-A-05 EATMAN_UNR_05b
05-B-06 EATMAN_UNR_01b_05_08_10
05-B-07 EATMAN_UNR_05c
05-B-08 Pleasure
05-B-09 One Night Stand
05-B-10 EATMAN_UNR_04a_05_07_08_09_11_12 (guitar)
05-B-11 EATMAN_UNR_05c

06-A-01 EATMAN_UNR_06a
06-A-02 EATMAN_UNR_06b
06-A-03 EATMAN_UNR_06c
06-A-04 Do the slide
06-A-05 Theme
06-B-06 Anger of ANGEL
06-B-07 EATMAN_UNR_06d_08
06-B-08 Light Of The Night
06-B-09 EATMAN_UNR_06a
06-B-10 One Night Stand
06-B-11 EATMAN_UNR_06a

07-A-01 EATMAN_UNR_07a (synth choirs with Songs With No Words)
07-A-02 EATMAN_UNR_07b
07-A-03 (Welcome into) Conflict (less layers)
07-A-04 EATMAN_UNR_07b
07-A-05 Anger of ANGEL
07-B-06 Do you believe in dreams?
07-B-07 EATMAN_UNR_07b
07-B-08 Silencio
07-B-09 EATMAN_UNR_04a_05_07_08_09_11_12
07-B-10 Pleasure

08-A-01 Theme
08-A-02 EATMAN_UNR_08
08-A-03 EATMAN_UNR_06d_08
08-A-04 EATMAN_UNR_04a_05_07_08_09_11_12 (guitar)
08-A-05 EATMAN_UNR_08
08-A-06 EATMAN_UNR_01b_05_08_10
08-B-07 EATMAN_UNR_02b_03_04_08
08-B-08 EATMAN_UNR_08
08-B-09 Songs With No Words (less synth)
08-B-10 EATMAN_UNR_08
08-B-11 Do you believe in dreams?

09-A-01 Theme
09-A-02 EATMAN_UNR_09a
09-A-03 Don't bother me
09-A-04 EATMAN_UNR_09b
09-A-05 Lavion
09-B-06 Both sides
09-B-07 Wind & fire
09-B-08 Light of the night
09-B-09 EATMAN_UNR_04a_05_07_08_09_11_12
09-B-10 EATMAN_UNR_09c
09-B-11 EATMAN_UNR_09d

10-A-01 Elastic plastic
10-A-02 EATMAN_UNR_10a
10-A-03 EATMAN_UNR_10a
10-A-04 Resort affair
10-A-05 EATMAN_UNR_10b
10-A-06 Digital Flower
10-B-07 Song with no words
10-B-08 Cold fire
10-B-09 EATMAN_UNR_01b_05_08_10
10-B-10 Do the slide
10-B-11 EATMAN_UNR_10c_12

11-A-01 Lavion
11-A-02 EATMAN_UNR_11a
11-A-03 EATMAN_UNR_11b
11-A-04 EATMAN_UNR_11c
11-A-05 EATMAN_UNR_11d
11-B-06 Light of the night
11-B-07 EATMAN_UNR_11a
11-B-08 Anger of ANGEL
11-B-09 Do the slide
11-B-10 Wind & fire
11-B-11 EATMAN_UNR_11c
11-B-12 EATMAN_UNR_11e
11-B-13 EATMAN_UNR_04a_05_07_08_09_11_12

12-A-01 Light of the night
12-A-02 Pleasure
12-A-03 EATMAN_UNR_04a_05_07_08_09_11_12
12-A-04 Do you believe in dreams?
12-A-05 Lavion
12-B-06 Lavion
12-B-07 EATMAN_UNR_10c_12 (no perc)
12-B-08 Wind & fire
12-B-10 Bum go bumb
12-B-11 I ask

PS. Fingers crossed I feel inspired during some weekend and finish NOIR by the end of the year, too.

Edit: Reuploaded the file. With fixed tags.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
BGM guide for Yuki Kajiura's first anime with Simbo.

Rips below were mixed from the Japanese Blu-Ray and various DVD audio. "cpm"
with love from grunty of cpm

01-01 Main Theme (bg layer)
01-02 YKCOSSETTE_01a
01-03 Main Theme (vol.0 Tokuten CD version)
01-04 regret (bg layer)
01-05 YKCOSSETTE_01b_02_03
01-06 undertow (bg layer)
01-07 float (extended intro)
01-08 unhallowed (anime edit)
01-09 regret
01-10 breakdown (bg layer)
01-11 silent ceremony
01-12 the main theme of Petit Cossette
01-13 moonflower
01-14 float
01-ED Houseki (short size) (vol.0 Tokuten CD version)

02-01 float (bg layer) + YKCOSSETTE_02a (my love, so sweet musicbox arrange)
02-02 YKCOSSETTE_02a (my love, so sweet musicbox arrange)
02-03 YKCOSSETTE_01b_02_03
02-04 regret (bg layer)
02-05 regret
02-06 silent ceremony (bg layer)
02-07 sadness
02-08 breakdown (bg layer)
02-09 float (starts without sfx)
02-10 breakdown
02-11 evocation (alt short intro w/o vocals)
02-12 silent ceremony
02-13 YKCOSSETTE_02b
02-14 somewhere I belong
02-ED Houseki (short size) (vol.0 Tokuten CD version)

03-01 YKCOSSETTE_03a (Houseki arrange)
03-02 YKCOSSETTE_01b_02_03 + float
03-03 breakdown
03-04 love pain
03-05 Ballad
03-06 fake jewel
03-07 a prophet's dream
03-08 YKCOSSETTE_03b
03-09 YKCOSSETTE_03c (fake jewel piano arrange)
03-10 undertow
03-11 unhallowed (anime edit)
03-12 the main theme of Petit Cossette
03-13 YKCOSSETTE_03a (Houseki arrange)
03-ED Houseki (short size) (vol.0 Tokuten CD version)

Edit: Kind of pissed that piano arrange of fake jewel wasn't released... Also, I didn't remember 'leave me cold' was not used in the show so picture my surprise since it's probably one of my all time Kajiura favorites.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
.hack//Liminality MUSIC GUIDE
BGM guide for the OVAs that came with .hack//G.U. games.

Rips below are from stereo DVD audio. SFX and dialogue alert. "cpm"
.hack//Liminality BGM GUIDE
with love from grunty of cpm

01-OP edge (by See-Saw)
01-01 humiliation
01-02 liminality#1
01-03 didn't know but it was love
01-04 grandpa's violin
01-05 school days
01-06 liminality#2
01-07 sweet memories
01-09 humiliation
01-11 liminality#3
01-12 didn't know but it was love
01-13 sweet memories#2
01-14 grandpa's violin (violin)
01-15 mai
01-16 illegal entry
01-18 obsession (by See-Saw)
01-19 liminality#1
01-ED Tasogare no Umi (by See-Saw)

02-OP Senya Ichiya (by See-Saw)
02-01 humiliation
02-02 liminality#1
02-03 tokuoka
02-04 suspicion
02-05 tokuoka
02-06 talkin' about mystery
02-07 YKLIMINALITY_02a_04
02-08 liminality#1
02-09 illegal entry
02-11 liminality#full version
02-12 humiliation
02-ED Tasogare no Umi (by See-Saw)

03-OP Kimi ga Ita Monogatari (by See-Saw)
03-01 humiliation
03-02 suspicion
03-03 liminality#3
03-04 comfort
03-05 together
03-06 together
03-08 epitaph
03-09 unforgettable
03-11 tokuoka (alt ver)
03-12 talkin' about mystery
03-13 liminality#1
03-ED Tasogare no Umi (by See-Saw)

04-OP Kioku (90sec version) (by See-Saw)
04-01 together
04-02 illegal entry
04-03 unforgettable
04-04 humiliation
04-05 suspicion
04-06 humiliation
04-07 tokuoka
04-08 YKLIMINALITY_02a_04
04-09 edge (by See-Saw)
04-10 grandpa's violin
04-11 liminality#1
04-ED Tasogare no Umi (by See-Saw)
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