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The foreveralone circle


Typo Queen

ZoaKaizer said:
no... the antonym of forever is never, and the antonym if alone is together..

so, the antonym of forever alone is "Never Together"
The antonym for 'forever alone' is 'never alone' or 'together forever'.
'Never together' is the synonym, b/c double negation means affirmation. :glasses:

Also, everyone deserves love, don't give up just yet. You'll have fortune on your side someday. (Not that I'm doing any better, but hope dies last) :cheer:
/ hugs everyone here :hug:
I think im fitted to join in here :XD: ....

its quite hard for me to trust and love other people. . . . . . because i know that they will go their own way in the future, it hurts. . .
And ive also experienced getting manipulated by a former friend, . . . . im forced to play with that person's game for years..... until i just cant take it anymore, ive finally confessed...... :rain:
I still can't believe that in that young age, i can keep a secret for that long time....

That's why, Im always alone, causing the other people to misunderstand my behavior as being aloof :XD: :uh..:


I adore Yuki
Yes, it might be odd since I started this thread, but I hereby declare that I can no longer be a member of the foreveralone circle.

I, La Nyan, found a special person (or better said this wonderful person found me) and we would love to walk this earth together.

It was freaking awful to be alone, but my (former) fellows, GAMBATTE! You might not be forever alone either!


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
One leaves, one joins! This topic totally fits me: forever left behind. So much left behind that it actually doesn't matter anymore to me. Too bad I didn't know about this thread before. :XD:


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Congratulations @Nyannika! Wishing both of you all the happiness in the world :)

I didn't know such a thread exists. I'm joining this circle *gives everyone in the club a hug*

I don't think being alone is all that bad though:XD:


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
I didn't know about this thread either. Seems to work for me. Vanity fits me too well sometimes.

You’ll be there by my side, you may never know my devotion~
...and in Japan it gets weirder:


As Japan celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday a group of men marched through Tokyo, protesting against the "passion-based capitalism" of the annual celebration of romance.

Members of 'Kakuhido', which translates as the Revolutionary Alliance of Men that Women Find Unattractive and claims on its website that "public smooching is terrorism", walked through the busy Shibuya district waving banners with slogans demanding an end to Valentine's Day.

However, the group was met by bemused looks from passers-by as the grumpy comrades, numbering just 10 in total, chanted: "Don't be duped by the conspiracy of chocolate makers!"