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Sword Art Online [UPD: Alicization "War of Underworld" airing]


Dripping with Kajiura
fight with a devil is the winner *dancing*
bu-but climbing up the world tree is a nice one too...
Thank you, Liana!


@wat 11: I didnt got there yet, Im listening to the whole soundtrack, so far only "climbing the world tree" is only slitely slower, and I was remembering more audible strings in "fight with a devil",


YES! I live on her roof
So the next time we'll be waiting for an OST like this is when the madoka movie BDs comes out. isn't it?


Also, in track 23 (the one with the chorus, in the anime the vocals were easier heard, and I remember more female touch too) @ chrisgarci: Yea the madoka movies OST is the next that comes out, in July.


^ Τhere is ? There is nothing announced so far so I was guessing they were just reusing the musics from OST 1 and 2.


HA! I live in her CLOSET!

george1234 said:
^ Τhere is ? There is nothing announced so far so I was guessing they were just reusing the musics from OST 1 and 2.
:uh..: There is nothing announced so far... Too bad if they are just reusing music from OST1,2.


I rewatched some part of the anime to confirm my comments, and fight with a devil is as its in the OST, so it has no strings, and in "false king" the chorus is indeed more audible, but the propotion of the vocal is the same. For this difference might by at fault the kb rate, since its not 320, we will see soon.
Also the 2 jazzy ones are defitely unreleased (unless they werent Yuki's)

I wil rip the episodes sound at these two parts tomorrow for eveyone to hear them.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
My review to come soon, but so far my faves are: aerial fight, false king (the vocals are just haunting), fight with a devil, critical phase (I bet ninetales loves the guitar), she is still sleeping (the piano song I wanted!), and climbing up the world tree. I do think that some of the songs are slow, but it does fit some of the scenes in the anime. I love this one more than the 1st ost. :dote:

Also was track 20 there? I thought I had missed it the first time downloading it, it's title is 'in a cage' and it's a slow, Xenosaga-ish song.


^ Yes track 20 was used alot of times when the caged asuna was shown, is that I was calling "aetherial Asuna theme" :XD: I was surprised with track 9 since I wasnt expecting it to be this long, since it was used only once in the anime.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
1. swordland~to be continued - Really short, but I like it.
2. friendly feelings- Very peaceful version of the theme.
3. sorrowfully- Also a haunting piano tune. Reminds me of some of her other ones.
4. critical phase- I really like this one, even though it is short. The guitar and the strings go perfectly with each other. It needs to be longer.
5. victory- hehe Every time I see the word victory I instantly think of Amelia from Slayers. But I like it. Has a nice feel to it and is kind of like Rule the Battlefield.
6. a new world of fairies- Really nice, reminded me of the RHH ost.
7. fly higher and faster-This one reminded me a lot of both Elemental Gerade and Tsubasa. Ahhh classic Kajiura!
8. in time of peace- A nice flute song.
9. fly, if you can- Did not like this one actually.
10. fight with a devil-This one is interesting. Reminds me of ‘on an island’ a bit from F/Z. I love the drums.
11. she is still sleeping- One of my favorite songs from the series. I love how creepy the piano is in this. It haunts me.
12. past sadness- Lovely, very sad.
13. is this love?- Sweet.
14. town in the morning- Also reminded me of the happier songs in Tsubasa.
15. climbing up the world tree- Really liked this as well. Feels like I’m soaring upward as I’m listening to it. The strings are really nice.
16. I wonder- A kind of eerie piece.
17. Yui- I liked Yui and her theme.
18. is this love? ~piano only ver.-Same thoughts as is this love?
19. Oberon- I don’t really like her slow cello songs all that much, but this one is a lot more eerie it seems.
20. in the cage- This one was used a lot as George said. But I still like it.
21. got to win- Another cool fight song. I love the last part of this ost.
22. aerial fight- Probably my second fave, next to she is still sleeping. It’s so Yuki and fits the anime well too.
23. false king- I love the vocals completely. They haunt me too and I think of some of my nightmares when I listen to it, but I still love it. heh
24. last flight- Nice! Also feels like I’m flying.
25. Reconciliation- Very nice song.
26. dance with me- Also nice
27. aincrad- Very RHH 2 ost. Liked it very much.

Overall I loved this album. Kowz I don’t know how you can say it’s boring when there’s aerial fight, false king, and critical phase in there. Yes, there were some slower songs, but that is to be expected. Just my opinion. And I thought this was for season 2? Do you mean season 3? I don’t think it’s been announced yet, but I would want Yuki again, since it would seem odd to get someone else. Anyways, that’s my review. :dote:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I did like 2-3 tracks, but overall it's pretty boring.

And I thought this was for season 2? Do you mean season 3?
Oh, season 3 then.

but I would want Yuki again, since it would seem odd to get someone else.
I just don't think she's really inspired, but I guess is kinda hard to be inspired with such a generic setting.


I adore Yuki
Kows is right ....that I like only some tracks..its quite boring ..overall I ost was too good ..... but alo ost is not liked by me at all...

And as a george1234 say in his email to yuki kajiura ....some of tracks are again not released totally 7 tracks are not present. .....why they do that....?


@Kowz: Nope, I dont think it was boring, since, this soundtrack is additional to the first one. In many fights were used the OST 1 battle musics (and in general there was alot of ost 1 reuse), so I guess its music director's fault for not asking for more battle/vocal themes.

This music was really fit for the anime (well maybe it could have some more celtic tunes)and if they had not skipped a whole chapter of the novel Yuki would have the chance to compose some interesting tracks for it, since the envirronment the jumped chapter takes place is interesting.

They go underground, where the roots of the World tree, are. There's a big lake with strange big monsters (like elephant fishes etc), and at some point there is a fight of one of them with a giant one, Kirito and Leefa help the first to win, and then they encounter some hunters that want to kill it and others for other reason, (there's a really good fight there). Then that elephant fish takes them where that sword that appears in the prelast episode came from, but they dont take it yet for reason I dont remember


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Anyways, thanks Lliana for the rip!

I just don't think she's really inspired, but I guess is kinda hard to be inspired with such a generic setting.

Well, I find this ost boring too because my hype for SAO already ended "severAL?" months ago.

Plus I was only hyping on it because of REMI. :knife:

And wth I kinda hate waiting for the ost. I almost forgot that ost2 will be released (as a bundle/extra/privileged item)

I like aerial fight I guess.