Sword Art Online (SAO: P)

Ooohhhh so she'll be composing the OST to this anime? :stars: Another fighting/action type...

Wonder if Kala or FJ will sing the OP or ED... :ayashii:

Thanks Keiri~! :bow:
I wonder what kind of song that she will compose this time :ayashii: :sohappy:
Let it be FJ, but with less Wakana. Although it's impossible, seeing how Wakana is the chorus-singer in all FJ singles.

What is the anime studio? From there we'll know if JVC or Sony will take the right for OST release, and we could know if it will have Kala/FJ/none of them..

Thanks Keiri!
if it's fj, then i think they should do the ED this time... for a change :XD:
It's produced by A-1 Pictures.

A-1 Pictures → Aniplex → Sony
Ooo a new ost again! Thanks! Busy Yuki. heh I will be checking this series out. Yes, I wonder who will doing the themes. :dote:
^i agree, its sounded really cool plus its a tokyo konsei
befitting with the animation :tea:
@keiri: oh man kusony again. :uh..:

Kalafina for sure. Or Haruna Luna.

Omg yes the music sounds epic already...love Tokyo Konsei...:stars:

Yuki88 said:
Or Haruna Luna.

Ehhhh...please no...if they do assign another debuting artist to Yuki for this anime, though, I hope at least he/she'll be a better singer...(it'd be interesting if Yuki collab'd with a male singer...she doesn't do that often :ayashii: )
Re: Yuki Kajiura to compose for "Sword Art Online" anime

Just watched the pv. The music does sound great so far. At first it reminded me of Historia and then went to Fate/KnK. heh The anime itself looks a bit like .Hack or one of the Tales series. July I hope you come quickly!
Wow that's awesome news! Thanks alot Keiri :uh..: :sohappy: :sohappy:

I wish she was composing for the game too since she hasnt composed for a game soundtrack since XS III :cry:
wow, it really sounds kajiura niceee~ :dote:


it somehow remind me of .hack series~ :tea:

remind me of kajiura yuki's on .hack//sign. :touched:
The tokyo konsei piece kinda reminds me of Point Zero, while the strings on at the start, of Elemental Gerad OST. The project is surely promising :shy: