Sword Art Online (SAO: P)

Well…for the same reason, I feel the opposite….lol. I think it’s fun to see they acted in that way..just like how game-players enjoy or struggle in a game. I’m neither a gamer nor a big fan of the SAO universe, but I like this approach :P.
Don't know if anyone cares or mentioned it before but Progressive 2 OST has been available on international streaming and shops for some 2 weeks now.

Permanent lazy butt coverart spotted


This is literary as difficult as writting the title and slapping an old school shiny filter on top =_=
Sword Art Online -FULLDIVE- concert was published on Crunchyroll.
- And for the release prepared subtitles in several languages:
English, French, German, Italian, Russian*, Arabic, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese.
- By the way, the picture here is different from the two previous releases.

*This service Crunchyroll is not available in Russia. Nevertheless, the video is available in the rest of the CIS countries.

Crunchyroll (original)

nyaa (JP/EN)

Sword Art Online -FULLDIVE- (A playlist with both the full version and a cut by song.)

Sword Art Online -FULLDIVE- (mp3)

Bonus. The user @Nayyyy610 posted several excerpts from the second disc of BD.
https://twitter.com/Nayyyy610/status/1688262229299458048 (a sword of bravery in her heart)
https://twitter.com/Nayyyy610/status/1681963124738637826 (Soukyu no Fanfare)
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the amount of color and strength Yuriko adds in moon and shadow is mesmerizing, well short but sweet

man I just listened to the orchestra album again, what an atrocity of a recording... the strings are barely audible, the mixing is terrible. ugh. only some moments and surprises save it barely (and the fact that it happened).
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I think there's going to be a new anime based on one of the light novels? Or at least a movie. I forget where I saw it. I'm sure Kajiura will be in charge of music again.