New FictionJunction Album "Parade" (Release April 19, 2023) [Tracklist out!]


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When did ASUKA/Aira Yuuki sing Sayonara Solitaire in Yuki Kajiura lives? Or did she sing it on her own live? As far as I remember the ones who sang it on YKL was Keiko/Kaori/Yuriko.
You may be right and I just made an incorrect assumption.
vol15 again, July 21 with ASUKA. It's in a Saeko Chiba block after "everlasting song" but nowhere during other nights. Except for August 17 which again featured ASUKA and the same block of songs (sans Sekai no Hate).


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I like Moonlight Melody, but not the FictionJunction version of it.
I can't stand the seiyuu version of it so I'm perfectly fine with a cover (amusingly I like the og seiyuu Mo hitotsu), but I hope it's not just live regulars singing over the same old instrumental. Even if it's not a whole new recording, I'd be fine with just Sakurada for some extra new flavor like during PriPri live... On the other hand, I disliked the new rockish "storm" arrangement on elemental and new "Hoseki" performances on Everlasting Songs so who the fuck knows what I'd think about "moonlight melody" if it ended up being a new thing, lol...

As for the rest, eh, we'll see. I definitely wish everyone got an original new song for themselves...

I feel "Beginning" is a fine concert intro song for all 4 singers but don't know if that would work in a studio version on it's own. OG "Sekai no Hate" is in the vein of "Kaze no Machi he" with lighter/higher melody. (And by no means am I saying this as a diss toward either track.) Unless Kajiura changed the arrangement significantly...

Anyways, I’m super excited for the new songs and getting to listen to the old songs some more! Though I guess we’ll have to wait for a PriPri movie compilation soundtrack to hear Fairy Game.
The tragedy of this FJ era. But I'm going to live with my fantasy of shuri doing more songs for PriPri and us getting a proper single/EP with all her songs and their clean instrumentals... just because I like suffering.
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Do we know from which day of the vol#16 tour the BD is from ?
Am not super excited about this release lol but will wait for it nonetheless for the title track and its MV. The BD is most likely gonna be the same one as the previously aired online one. They already posted Beginning live on Highway Star channel after all.
Most probably the same one that was broadcasted before
...which was from July 28, 2021 I think.


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Hue I guessed right.
Disappointed no new song for muh Joelle and Yuriko. Shiet, not even Kaori. The new FJ songs better be good!
I like Aimer, and Asuka and ASCA are pretty decent so those songs mite b cool.


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"Sekai no Hate" is in the vein of "Kaze no Machi he" with lighter/higher melody. (And by no means am I saying this as a diss toward either track.) Unless Kajiura changed the arrangement significantly...
I think Saeko Chiba was the seiyuu for Oruha, who was singing "Kaze no Machi he" on Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. It all comes together (sorry I just found this out randomly and I needed to share lol)


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I'd rather....hmmm...JP LORD theme (lmao), instead Sekai no Hate. I'm hoping a good arrangement of the song because the original versión is a big MEH for me :\


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It sucks that we've had 2 streamed concerts without it, don't it? lol. After they'd done it in every vol15 performance, too...


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Just a guess but maybe, despite the album/songs being released under that label, "FictionJunction" is not actually under Sacra?

"fairy game" is still Lantis probably...

(Or maybe they add it to the artists by the time the album is out and I'm just wrong.)


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I've been mulling over this topic before and had a discussion with someone in cpm about what will happen with Fictionjunction when Kajiura cut ties with spacefart. So to easier to understand, Fictionjunction is a "project", not an "artist" and it also had to do with Kajiura being "freelance composer". So they will not put fj in their artist page, HOWEVER, they can/will promote the SACRA singers under the album(see their twitter page). Ofc, Sony will do their job too since they are the distributor. It's also a matter of what label is willing to invest on her album. There are probably many factors on it since it was delayed too but if this album exceed the sales expectations of the album, I will not be surprised if sony will now push fj to more projects.

I'm more confused as to why some of the songs in this album not tied to anime tho? This album got kimetsu/sao/sacra singer names and most anime this spring already announced their OP/EDs. It even has aimer on it lol why???


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Yea... the lack of a tie-in around the album's release is shocking.

With that said... the ending for Kimetsu is still unknown... lol...


Wasn't there a Kalafina song that was used in a game after the song got released in the album ?
Hoshi no Utai – Theme song of the game Nobunaga no Yabou Online ~Shinsen no Shou~


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I actually don't think it was after? I don't remember the dates but it was mentioned in the original album announcement.

But they could just be keeping quiet for some goddamn reason that the Aimer song for example is Kimetsu until it debuts in the show....


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In the first season we had literally no information about the ending song until hours before the second episode was released.
Also, the second episode of this season will be released on April 16th, 3 days before the album. So I think there's still hope.