New FictionJunction Album "Parade" (Release April 19, 2023) [MV out on YT!]


Dripping with Kajiura
So disappointing…
At least the cover art is quite interesting
Mine will have expired by that time, lol. Unless they literally add a preorder 8 months early. lol.
Now i definetely expect that BGM from Vanitas "look! Here comes the parade" to get a japanese vocal ver lol or its gonna be something arabic, if the camel gives any hint.
WOW that was unexpected! I'm just wishing out loud, but we may be able to get any of the Kala-songs performed during YKL16 if the CD is released under SACRA... just hoping
B-but when is releasing that song? PriPri OST in 2028?
If they go the Girls und Panzer route, we might get PriPri Crown Handler OST1 after the 3rd movie, which would presumably be next year. Just a guess.

I'm disappointed about many things.
I don't care for either "from the edge" or the SAO song so there's little to be excited about for me. At best only hope the rest is better than those 2. :|
Possibly no "fairy game". Somewhat boring vol#16 tokuten (but hey, Aimer on bluray for some more sales :/).

Guess I gotta hope for FICTION3 now with vol#1reprise tokuten........
But makes sense as to why she release it with Sacra. All her works all these years besides Fena/Junna were with Sacra or aniplex so if she kept releasing with Victor she would have 0 anime material to promote the album with and would have to write 10 new songs
Did I say it doesn't make sense?

And she still needs to write 10 songs. Don't know what your point is.
She still have time to work on a OP/ED for an anime… and release a single… God, April is soooooooo far.
I hate those delays. Especially that she announced it for 2022, named the tour after it and barely released anything this year. Better have a solid reason for this, like song placements for highly anticipated shows or music composition for shows airing by the end of this year. Still waiting for the many recording sessions to materialize…

Feeling depressed by this announcement. April is most likely too far for me.
Don't know why but george seems to expect this album to include all the solo Aimer, LiSA and ASCA songs. There's no way...
No but the IPs of the anime are with Sacra so if she was going to use some anime songs from these to draw sales for the album there was only one way. Writting new stuff until then for victor would be less easy comparatively. Looks like she took the easy route.