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I just noticed that this gem was missing.

Wasabi icecream and black egg icecream, right next to each other.

Hong Kong shop offers 'tear gas' flavor ice cream
May 15, 2020 (Mainichi Japan)


This May 4, 2020 image made from video shows a scoop of tear gas flavor ice cream in Hong Kong. (AP Photo)
HONG KONG (AP) -- Tear gas is among the new flavors at a Hong Kong ice cream shop.
The main ingredient is black peppercorns, a reminder of the pungent, peppery rounds fired by police on the streets of the semi-autonomous Chinese city during months of demonstrations last year.
"It tastes like tear gas. It feels difficult to breathe at first, and it's really pungent and irritating. It makes me want to drink a lot of water immediately," said customer Anita Wong, who experienced tear gas at a protest. "I think it's a flashback that reminds me of how painful I felt in the movement, and that I shouldn't forget."
The flavor is a sign of support for the pro-democracy movement, which is seeking to regain its momentum during the coronavirus pandemic, the shop's owner said. He spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid repercussions from the pro-Beijing government.
"We would like to make a flavor that reminds people that they still have to persist in the protest movement and don't lose their passion," he said.
He tried different ingredients, including wasabi and mustard, in an effort to replicate the taste of tear gas. Black pepper, he said, came closest to tear gas with its throat-irritating effects.
"We roast and then grind whole black peppercorns and make them into gelato, the Italian style. It's a bit hot, but we emphasize its aftertaste, which is a sensation of irritation in the throat. It just feels like breathing in tear gas," the 31-year-old owner said.

^That is crazy. Though, with all the protests happening here I am surprised it didn't appear in the US. Though maybe I just haven't gone to an ice cream store in awhile.

My favorite now is the strawberry cheesecake at Linda Mochiado's in Oak Park where my niece lives. It's a Mexican chain restaurant/dessert place. I mean, it's mostly dessert. lol Their ice cream though it something that I crave every week when I go. It's so smooth and has strawberries and huge chunks of cheesecake that's soft. It's so good. They have a ton of popsicles, you can get milk based ones or water based. I have had the caramel one. It's so good. Ugh, now I am drooling. lol My niece is here this week so I didn't get to go.