Name that Ice Cream!!!!

Dark sesame icecream:

^Never heard of that kind of ice cream.

I have been having chocolate chip cookie dough at the hockey games, but the 1st two games I had to have something different since they were out! But then this last one I had it, now I want ice cream again after looking at this page, but luckily we have a game on Sat.
Green apple gelato and blood orange gelato, my new summer favs :love:
The other day I had red velvet gelato and it was delicious
I guess red velvet cake is good in all forms :ohoho:
^Wow... that looks good and too cute to eat. All these ice creams I want to eat but can't.

I just had chocolate with M&M minis in it. It's simple, but so good. Very good after a good workout.
today one of my favourite ice cream places was open, so I got chocolate ice cream with fudge and mint chips in it :tea: